The Magic and Mystery of Sound

All my life long…  The sound of music has always been and always will be …Food For My Soul!

Since the beginning of time, the key ingredients in sustaining oneself on the right psychological/emotional/mental level.

  • Positive Mental Attitude
  • Daily Meditation/Prayer,
  • Magic of Music

Along with prayer/meditation and faith, the magic of music is, and always has been since the beginning of time, the essential third element in the trinity!

What is “The Magic and Mystery of Sound?”

It is composed of more than 1,000 songs from twenty (20) different genres or musical categories… That are guaranteed to generate for you, an enduring, powerful, and healthy uplift to your emotional core, evoke sentient, flowing, beautiful feelings that are intrinsic and dwelling deep within you at all times.

Give S.A.L.A.D.’s Music a whirl, pick a category, and I promise your listening will be a magical experience for you.

…….that is guaranteed to bring you……”L-O-V-E”

It will lift your mood, raise your spirits and make you smile from ear to ear!
My extraordinary love for music began when I breathed my first breath and will continue until I breathe my last!

My brother, Stewart, told me once, “Gar, your relationship to music is something mystical. I believe without the sound of music, you will cease to exist… Your life is dependent upon song!”

There are those that believe, I being one of them, that music/sound is the most beautiful and powerful energy force in the universe, both at the micro (personal) level and the macro (universal, global, cultural, sociological, cosmic) level. It is all-embracing, unlimited, and omnipresent throughout all of god’s green earth and deep, blue seas!

With the sound of music, anything is possible!

You could move mountains, create a universe, produce love……..Both Human Love and Spiritual Love!

You could create a moment of ecstasy, of God love, of romantic love, of a heart overflowing with utter contentment, give birth to peace eternal, both within you and outside of you……..when you just open your heart and give the magic and mystery of S.A.L.A.D. songs to penetrate your consciousness and feel the…

“Kumbaya Of Your Soul”

Well, here’s your chance. This very special music selection process has been a labor of love, consuming thousands and thousands of hours, days, months, years, to create a playlist to lift your spirits, without a question, and produce a smile on your face from ear to ear, from here to there… and, hopefully, put you on the road to happiness, self-confidence, good fortune, great health, and peace within yourself!

Give yourself a chance, give it a spin, give yourself a gift, the gift of happiness! Take a few minutes, surrender to love and happiness… You’ve earned it!

I promise you that the “Songs of S.A.L.A.D.” will penetrate deep within and send you to the core of your very soul!

There is a musical genre (category), for everyone, from 8 to 88, for the little babes rocking in their mommy’s arms to the super seniors……..good Lord, I, even, assembled a category called, “Gar’s Personal Favorites”.

Eighteen (18) musical categories or genres in all…

Please download the Spotify player on your phone or computer to listen to the complete library.


With over 74 songs and four (4) hours of non-stop music, from the early years of rock ‘n roll, guaranteed, regardless of your creed, religion, age, skin color, gender, to send you to “That Magic Moment!”


42 songs and almost four (4) hours to penetrate to the very core of your (spirit?) soul!  Uplift and rejuvinate your mind and soul.  Breathe it in and listen to the timeless sounds for the glorious ages.


100 songs and more than (6) hours of songs about romance, beautiful relationships, and the sacrament of marriage!  Love is said to heal the soul, and this selection is guaranteed to do just that.  Whether you are in a relationship, thinking of times gone by, or hopeful for the chance at love… this music will be sure to make your heart beat stronger.


“Gar’s Personal Favorites” consists of 140 songs and more than 10 hours of blissful, uninterrupted musical masterpieces from my personal, music library… Guaranteed to elevate your mood, lift your spirits, and put a smile on your face from ear to ear. This playlist includes pieces from all nineteen(19) other S.A.L.A.D. song groups!


43 songs in three hours of compassion, faith, hope, peace, and universal love!  This selection is guaranteed to make you feel forever young and remember the glory days of your youth.


100 songs and eight hours of songs about peace, universal love, freedom, standing together, globally, as one universal family without national borders or boundaries.

7. “Beautiful”

11 songs and 49 minutes. If you have a dream, start it today! “BE HERE NOW”, and live in the present moment. Do it now, and don’t wait until tomorrow! Start everything in this world, today, as if it’s your last. Start on your bucket list today.


92 songs and six hours of Jewish, Isreali, and biblical music and hymns to inspire you and bring you closer to God, no matter what your religion is!  Don’t hesitate to embrace the many cultures of music… you won’t be disappointed.


63 songs and six hours of Christian songs and music, espousing Jesus Christ and his message of universal love, “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself” from the set of canonical laws that has withstood the test of time, “The 10 Commandments”!


28 songs to rock you, inspire you,?, awaken within you, to the Islamic message of universal love, giving unconditionally, and world peace. No matter what your religious beliefs, these songs will undoubtedly hoping you up to the beauty of Islam!


53 songs and 8 hours of mantras, and sounds from “The ancient Eastern scriptures written in the obsolete Sanskrit language – Yoga, Buddhism, Taoism, and Hinduism. Sung by the three greatest Kirtan singers today, KRISHNA DAS – DEVA PREMAL – SNATAM KAUR.


30 songs and two hours of American folk music.


11 songs and one hour of more love songs.

14. “I’M MOVIN ON”

31 songs in just under two hours of country-western songs of inspiration, Faith, love, and God.


63 songs and almost 4 hours of my favorite – “foot stomping, hands waving” pop/rock songs guaranteed to get you out of your seat, up on your feet, and jumping. Great forgetting your heart pumping, and also great for physical and gym workouts.

16. “I AM HAPPY”

48 songs and 2 1/2 hours. It’s been said that 90% of the human brain develops before a child reaches five years of age. Children are sponges and hands are extremely influenced by their parents, educators, peers, alike. Herein is a collection of 46 songs that I personally chose to instill in our 90% of the kids, compassion, fairness —giving unconditionally, Humbleness, brother and sisterly love, an attitude of hope, faith, and tolerance regardless of skin color, creed, gender, ages, etc.

17. “Shake it up”

51 songs and 3 1/2 hours of songs. Gender discrimination against women has been the oldest form of heat, discrimination, since the days of Adam and Eve were over a long time ago.

18. “Four Seasons”

90 songs and 7.5 hours of the greatest musical masterpieces the world has ever known, from Johan Sebastian Bach and his “Brandenburg Concertos” to Mozart, Beethoven, Pachabel’s Canon, Georg Fredrich Handel, Chopin, Tschykovsky’s “1812 overture”, Johann Strauss and his flowing, Blue Danube Waltz.


76 songs and over six hours of Pete Seeger songs. Pete was the musical voice of our conscience in the 20th century. His rendition of “WE SHALL OVERCOME” is the best ever! He crooned and wrote all of his music from the heart. His passion, love, commitment, compassion to honesty! Peace, Humility, Love is priceless, immeasurable, and no one can contest the impact Pete Seeger had on the American Civil Rights Movement of the Early to mid 20th century. He sang of faith, hope, and social justice.

“Mr. Pete Seeger wherever you are, wherever you may be, your legacy, your music, your person lives on…


“May The Sun Shine Upon You Always!”

Peace, Live In Love, Love In Life, Grace, Namasgar,