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  • Unhealthy culture, obesity, depressive, racist society
  • Prescription drugs are simply band aids promoting physical un-health, depression, anxiety, insomnia, bad marital relationships (60% divorce rate).
  • Doctor western medicinal slow, profit machine, human health destruction.
    Inactive physical day to day, sedentary.
  • Time us not on our side, start now.
  • Stress kills….
  • A belief, a faith, it’s no matter with me, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Jew, Lao Tzu…. As long as it preaches inclusion, non-exceptionalism, tolerance, no discrimination based on either skin color, no matter, religious belief, no matter, nationality, no matter, language, no matter, money at birth, no matter, how much money you got now, no matter, current financial position, no matter, sex gender, male or female, no matter, sexual preference, lbgt, no matter, old in years or not, no matter,  physically attractive by current “society norms”, (elephant man syndrome), no matter, fat or thin, mentally or physically “abled or dis-abled”.
  • A political system that doesn’t benefit the rich and powerful while the less educationally and economically fortunate, stagnate, and the old adage, “The rich get richer and the middle class gets poorer!”
  • Unlimited, (free) education based on affordability.
  • Unlimited (free)spiritual training based on affordability.
  • Unlimited, free, health care based on affordability.
  • Adoption and inclusion of non-western money-hungry, symptom-based medical treatment and hospitalization.
  • Adoption of music-based daily psychological therapy for those mentally disabled or depressed (85% of the U.S.A. Population), 8 out of every 10 persons is addicted to a daily regimen of either
    A. Alcohol,
    B. Drugs, prescription and non-prescription,
    C. Psychotherapy
    D.  Depression or lack of motivation or high anxiety
    Family connection
  • Friends connection
  • No guns, replace it with L.O.V.E. Thy Neighbor as your own!
  • Eliminate loneliness.
  • Eliminate living in the streets.
  • Eliminate tax-favored treatment for Mr. Liberal incorporated, Apple. What a trick on our millenials.  Boycott Apple, they are just like Goldman Sachs, and the rest of them!
  • Support our police!
  • Eliminate the Nazi’s from our law enforcement agencies across the “God blessive” USA. New entrance, psychological screening of all police for traces of racism, spousal abuse.
  • What love means to me, is that I am willing to lie down in front of a speeding car to save your life and die for thee.
    “Work to take responsibility for the anger and fears that arise in your heart, rather than disguising them as opinions and judgments”
    (Buddha, circa 500 BCE)