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 Pets For Seniors

It’s sad but true — our senior population often suffers from depression and loneliness. This isn’t news, but there are ways to combat such a sad state in their golden years. One of the sweetest ways to do so is to encourage the seniors in your life to consider pet ownership!

Pets have been shown to reduce stress and depression while increasing their quality of social life as well as their physical activity. Not to mention it keeps the brain more alert and in some cases, has been shown to lower blood pressure. Older pet owner’s lives have been changed once deciding to adopt a pet and only for the better! With a pet, seniors feel a sense of purpose in caring for their pet, plus they no longer feel alone in their day to day lives. Some seniors even find their memories firing up again, able to recall memories from long ago that they once lost access to — it’s truly remarkable!

There are some things to think about before taking the plunge and adopting a pet.

Type: If a senior is not very mobile, a puppy might not be the best choice. Consider a senior canine or a lower-maintenance cat instead. Take into consideration the lifestyle of your senior and consult with the staff at the pet adoption center so they can help you make the right choice.

Age: Consider an older pet for the senior in your life. Not only are you improving the life of your senior friend or family member, but you’re likely saving the life of a senior pet who gets to live out the rest of their lives in a home full of love.

Temperament: Again, a breed of animal that has a gentle temperament might be best for your senior. People are quick to assume a small breed of dog would be best, but sometimes they are super high energy — like a beagle. Whereas a giant dog like a Great Dane seems overwhelming, but they tend to have a relaxed temperament which may be a good fit for your senior. Don’t be afraid to ask questions at the pet adoption center.

Health and Finances: Make sure any pet your bring into a senior’s home is healthy so it doesn’t compromise the health of your senior. And also make sure your senior is financially healthy. Pets are very rewarding, but they do add an expense, so make absolutely sure it won’t be a burden on your senior’s finances.

Pets can be a great addition to your senior’s life adding vitality to their everyday as well as boosting their mood along with physical and mental health. If all the boxes are checked in preparation, this might be one of the best decisions in your senior’s life!

Peace, Love, Grace and Namas-meow,


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