Canine and Feline Love For All


There is something magical and mystical about the love from an animal friend — canine or feline! A literal unspoken bond that can exist between man and animal is truly remarkable and can change your life for the better. Pet ownership adds so much to your life, mentally, physically and spiritually!




It’s true! Owning a cat or a dog greatly increases your quality of life, sending your happiness levels through the roof! And for the folks that suffer from anxiety and/or depression, pet ownership has been shown to decrease stress and make your day-to-day life much more manageable from both a mental and physical perspective. Not to mention, it’s such a thrill to come home to someone who is over the moon to see you each and every day — true unconditional love!




The health benefits to pet ownership are many. For those that choose to own a dog, you’re bound to get much more exercise and potentially lose weight due to the walks your new friend will require. A dog leads an active lifestyle and thus, so will you! Not only that, but both dogs and cats have been shown to build the immune system because you’ll be exposed to the same germs as your pet (yep — it’s a fact of life), but this is a good thing because your body will be able to fend off so many more illnesses and allergies that come your way!


Social Life


Pets are social creatures! You’ll likely connect with other pet owners and bond over the joy of being a dog or cat owner. People are generally known to take an interest in animals, so you have a talking point when you’re with or without your animal — show a new friend a photo of your feline friend and bask in the “oohs” and “aahs” coming your way because she’s so cute! Owning a pet can also improve your relationships because you’re coming together to take care of a living thing everyone truly cares about.


Before you take the plunge into pet ownership, please make sure you can afford the costs that associate with your new friend along with the time they require. Pets are a true commitment — you’re promising to loving them and taking care of them for their whole lives. Hold up your end of the bargain and reap the numerous benefits of loving your canine and feline friends!


Peace, Love, Grace and Namasgar,