Get Inspiration from “E-spiration”

Practical, step by step, 30 Day Program, to get more motivated and realize your financial dreams. Forget the schlep to church or temple or mosque, once a week, to get your weekly dose of “God”. Look and feel 20 years younger with a simple, practical, no nonsense, fun, 30-day program with one focus, one purpose in mind…To improve your physical health, reduced or eliminate your inflammation, your flexibility, your mobility, your sex life, your ability to get around, without kvetching with every step you take.

Get in the “Om” no matter your religious beliefs, be you a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jew, Hindu, or Lao Tzu, no matter, keep your religion, learn to appreciate it more, this is not a religion, all religions welcome. This is a practical, 30-day program. A step-by-step process, procedure, and technique to develop, to grow, to improve….in essence, “To become whom you’ve always wanted to become, mentally, (improved intelligence), emotionally, (E.F.T), physically. Enjoy a 30-day, step by step video program to acting and feeling 20 years younger. Improve spirituality thru daily, simple, 4000 year-old meditation techniques and music.

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  • Develop better personal skills
  • Develop teamwork
  • Learn life lessons (youth, under 30)
  • Improve your outlook, your attitude
  • Get (E-spired) Inspired, through a practical, step by step, 30 Day Program, to Spiritual and (Religious) “Connection to Your Heart and Soul” through 60-minute daily program of meditation to detach your mind from daily day-to-day stress and connect with the “God” within each and every one of you. Connect to the “Truth Beyond All Truths” thru a direct-connect thru music to transform you into a “Loving, Caring and Believing” soul of unlimited love, (god’s) love. 
  • Forget the complaining, self-pitying, poor me, attitude, and worthless New Year’s resolutions to get in shape.  Don’t get in shape…Be the shape.  As Taylor Swift croons, “Shake it out…Shake it up”. 

So get out of bed 30 minutes earlier, get on your short-shorts, and start my 30-day, “Fountain of Youth, 20 Years Younger” exercise program. We’ve all heard the expression since childhood, “You are what you eat”. “What you eat, is who you are, who you have become!”

Are you pill-popping, stressed out to the max, melancholy, not enough time in your day, tired, always feeling fatigued, wait for the ‘day off’ to just…stay in bed n sleep late…..personality?


A rejuvenated, inspired, always smiling, excited, passionate, contentment-filled, compassionate, prosperous……..soul!

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