Save a Life a Day is a socio-economic-spiritual journey to enhance personal development, social service, and all-around commitment to a spiritual transformation of society.

The “Save a Life a Day” mission or “ministry”.

We recognize that Human Suffering is inevitable.

However, you can choose your life direction to be “A part from it” and put on blinders, pretend to be “dark” to it, and live an insulated life in a cultural vacuum because you have chosen that (artificial) reality or……..

Be “A part of it” and be a part of the solution to rid the planet of human suffering!

I have experienced, personally, in my lifetime, oh so many aspects of human suffering and social injustice (because I am a white, male, upper economic class person, doesn’t mean I have been locked out from bigotry, racism, even a “quiet” form of worldwide discrimination called, “Ableism”.  The Afro-Americans and Hispanics of America, btw, don’t have a ‘lock’ on the receiving end of social and economic and psychological injustice.  Evil has no color.

It’s no matter what type of social and economic and psychological injustice.
It rears its ugly head in many, many forms.

It could be a group of 5th graders “ganging up and bullying” an innocent, single, lonely, another 5th grader, and make life miserable, “Silently” (because the young child is afraid to tell her teacher for fear of further punishment or retaliation for “Telling on the Bullies!”…….or afraid to go home and tell mommy and daddy!
It starts from the home and it starts from birth……..
“Be The first one in your family line to destroy our ancestors’ Bigotry……..It’s Time to reach a new level of family, love, friendship, inclusion regardless of how different your background be from mine……..

Break the Chains of Intolerance, Today!
Right Now!
Tell your kids and tell yourselves,
Tell  your friends and tell your neighbors,
Teach your kids and teach them well,

About The Beauty In:

* Cultural Diversity
* Social and Religious Tolerance
* ‘Love Thy Neighbor’ Mindset

An intolerant, compassionless, society, is simply, ugly with a capital U, no matter what form it takes……I call it, “The Silent EP Killer”!

E stands for Emotional Chaos, i.e. Uncontrolled Depression, High Anxiety, Chronic Melancholia, Suicide Ideation, Divorce, Relationship Disappointments especially with our young adults under 35, today, Dead-End Job Syndrome, etc.

P stands for Psychological Disorders – alcohol and drug addiction, Crystal Meth (#1 cause for prison incarceration), Ecstacy drug, Crack Cocaine, and Heroin.
And, “legally” prescriptive drug addiction, that starts with a temporary band-aid to treat “symptoms” instead of “causes”, and then, over and over again, the same, old, tragic “drug story” of an unhappy soul, an individual drug-enabled by a materialistic, profit-motivated, American medical profession and highly lucrative, big pharmaceutical (big pharm), run, materialistic society fueled by unbridled greed and the insatiable thirst for power, and chasing “the elusive, mighty, dollar bill”…resulting in a lifetime depression and prescriptive, drug addiction, people suffering from depression, anxiety, ADD, bi-polar, insomnia – Prozac, Ambien, Oxycotin, Lexapro, Zoloft, Wellbutrin, Paxil, Ritalin, and Adderall.

As Emanuel Kant, born in the early 18th century, and a central figure in the Age of Enlightenment and modern Western philosophy.  He was a great thinker.
Emanuel Kant said, “To make an action permissible and legal, it must be available to all, universally.”

This means, all peoples regardless of skin color, country of birth, language, religious or sexual preference, gender-male or female, over 65 years of age or under 35, meaning if you could do the job in the workplace, age bears no matter.

For age, is just a number and a state of mind, but it’s “the loneliest number” if you lose your job, because you just don’t “fit in, anymore”, because your boss (says in silence), “you’re simply, too old”.
Try finding a new job at 65 years of age! Very tough!

Also, physical looks and the ability to perform, in accordance with a stereotypical societally, instilled, “norm”, of what is “A good-looking, attractive” person, is yet, another, ugly form of social and emotional and psychological discrimination and injustice and could contribute to a life of “social ostracism”, depression and melancholia.
This, at the adult level, it’s no different from the little girl or boy being bullied by the other fifth-graders because she or he is simply, “Not good-looking” enough….”The elephant man syndrome or disability discrimination, actually, was rampant and “legislated” as recently as 100 years ago in England, and tacitly, condoned in the U.S. still, today.  It’s called “Eugenics”, which was a fundamental “ethnic cleansing” practices and Philosophy of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis and the premise behind “The Holocaust”, the genocidal, systematic torture and murder of 66% of Europe’s Jewish population and 50% of the world’s Jewish people, men, women, and children.

To help to root out from our human society, all forms of social and economic injustice, and a rampant epidemic of drug dependency (both illegal and by medical doctor prescription), and depression, melancholia, and emotional and psychological disorders.

To uplift humanity, to increase personal awareness, to accept and connect to divine consciousness.
We need a “drug-free” America and a way to introduce as many people as possible, young and old, to one’s “Perfection Connection Within” that exists and lies dormant in each and every one of us.
A whole new universal mindset, a higher level of – awareness.
Christians call it, “Awakening.”
Buddhists call it , “Mindfullness.”
Hindus and Yogiis call it, “Universal Consciousness.”

It starts at home!* Make sure each and every child has:

A.  Three (3) warm meals each and every day!
B.   A roof over their heads!
C.  A good pair of shoes on their feet and a clean set of clothes on their body!

Then you can work on them at the emotional, mental, psychological level and:

*  “Lift their spirits”!
*  “Raise up the collective, social consciousness of humanity”!
* “Sharpen personal and social awareness/consciousness”!
* “Accept and embrace “The emotional and psychological connectiveness” of us all”!
* “Peace on earth and goodwill to all” so that all men, women, and children……may hold their head up high, walk with self-dignity and self- worth……..
*  “And never walks alone”!“Love your neighbor,

Love each child,
As your own.”

Instill these virtues in our kids and it starts the moment, the lil’ cherub pops out of mommy’s belly.

By the time, our kids reach five (5) years of age, their brains will have developed a whopping 95%, forming the fundamentals for their cognitive, emotional, and psychological personal reality it more commonly referred to as “Your Personality.”
This human developmental process, I have coined,


And again, “E.F.T.” begins, the moment, the newborn baby pops out of mommy’s belly…
And E.F.T. never stops until that little baby reaches old age and is ultimately laid down to rest.

So, you see, a well-balanced, thoughtful, intelligent adult needs a chance to get there to adulthood minus “Bad baggage!”
And that chance starts at home with her/his mommy and daddy and continues at pre-school and then public K-12 with her teachers and educational professionals.

I, along with so many of us, yearn for a world without war, a world filled with peace, love, compassion, and equal rights for all, regardless of his or her individual skin color, gender, nationality, religion, etc.

“We Are One World, One Love, One Giant Universal  Family”



Director – Global Unification Program (GUPPY)

Wendy Fishman

Creative Advisor