S.A.L.A.D. “SAVE A LIFE A DAY” is my personal mission to eradicate manic depressive bipolar II disease from the planet. I wish to share the light of my soul to end suffering to so, so many millions of men, women, and children who are afflicted with chronic depression…And wish to smile, to laugh, to love, to live, again.

I am blessed and so I pledge to dedicate my life to bring the sun to shine on everyone and “HEP” people to smile again from ear to ear regardless of who they are, where they’ve been, or where they’re going.

“I believe the one spirit resides in everyone!”

S.A.L.A.D. “SAVE A LIFE A DAY” is a, not for profit, religion-agnostic mission, dedicated to HAPPINESS!

S.A.L.A.D. is indebted, and in deepest and reverential awe, to “The Great Ancients” whose inspiration, faith, and actions truly…….SAVED A LIFE A DAY!

• Abraham Lincoln
• Mahatma Gandhi
• Martin Luther King Jr.
• Mother Teresa

* I tip my hat to these musical greats, who have so inspired me, through the power of their angelic voices, and the power of song…..To keep me ever pushing forward, and don’t ever go back, don’t ever look back:

With us in spirit, only:

* Pete Seeger
* Bob Marley
* Mary Travers
* Michael Jackson
* John Lennon
* George Harrison
* John Belushi
* Karen Carpenter
* Janice Joplin

With us in both spirit and body:

* Cat Stevens
* Peter Yarrow
* Paul Stookey
* Paul McCartney
* KD/Nina Rao
* Paul Simon
* Art Garfunkel
* Celine Dion
* Snatam Kaur
* Leonard Cohen
* Dan Akroyd
* Vince Gill
* Judy Collins
* Joan Baez
* Bob Dylan
* Richard Alpert (Ram Dass)
* M. Ghosh (Paramahansa Yogananda)
* Lt. AJ
* Shrii Shrii Anandamurti


And, now, I wish to thank “My Personal Angels”, those cherubic souls who encouraged and provided the support to reawaken “The Sleeping Gar”:

  1. Sheldon Lewenfus “SHELLY”
  2. Joseph Shulman “JOE”
  3. P.R.Sarkar (Shrii Anandamurtiji)
  4. Neem Karoli (Maharaj)
  5. Stewart Vogel (Rabbi)

And last but not least,

My former wife of 31 years from April 28, 1985 – June, 2016,
Cindy Green Michaels……..”Cinderella”……..
“She raised me up,
So I could stand on mountains,
She raised me up,
To more than I could be!”
Thank you, Cindy, you’re a saint!

Peace, Love, Grace, and Namasgar,