Mission Statement

Save A Life A Day is the culmination of a lifelong journey to transform the planet with positive change. We hope to breathe new life into the world by empowering each individual to make a difference in themselves and others, spreading that love around the globe. With our anticipated footprint of influence on the social, spiritual, economic and political fabric of America and beyond, we will activate this transformation through the following pillars:

Mental Wellness           (Tackling Bipolar Depression)

Physical Health

Spiritual Fulfillment

Acts of Kindness

Urgent Matters           (emergency responses to urgent current issues)

Gar's Tips

  • Eating a holistic, no meat, low fat, no sugar, low sodium(salt), high veggie, high protein food intake.
  • Daily physical weight resistance, strength conditioning workout.
  • Daily cardiovascular, get out of the chair you’re sitting in, fast heart-rate workout.
  • Daily stretching regimen, mandatory for all people, men or women, no matter, over 40 years of age.
  • Lots of water intake, every day, critical.
  • Eliminate synthetic (big pharm) drugs unless all “Ayurvedic” remedies have been exhausted and proved ineffective.
  • Daily meditation, deep breathing exercise, at least 20 minutes, 3x, a day.
  • Connection to Mother Nature – i.e. Ocean, desert, mountains, once a week, at least 2x a week..preferred.
  • Refresh, reconnect, reinvent, restrengthen, “ReIntellectualize”, your brain, daily……Read/Write at least sixty (60) minutes a day.
  • Toxic release – impurities (liver) at least twice a day.
  • Staying alert,  staying aware and focused. The importance of this goes up exponentially over the age of 40, to retard or slow down the aging of your brain.
  • Be your best companion in solitude.
  • Enjoy 20 minutes of private peace and solitude three times a day.
  • Enhance your meditative environment to perfection. It only helps speed up your spiritual exercises, augment P.C.I. – Personal, Continuous Improvement.
  • Age does not diminish your value. In fact, it enhances it, like a vintage bottle of wine.
  • Do a lite stretch for 20 – 30 min, every day, minimum 3X per week. No min age.
  • At work, home, or anywhere, after sitting for 20 min, get up for a 2-3 min walk and a 2-3 min stretch.
  • Use these pointers every day.