Breath of Gar

“The Breath of Gar”

Our purpose and our vision are critically important. Our country has gone wild and I mean that with the utmost sincerity and humility. It’s the first time in my lifetime that I am seeing people shoot cops and cops shoot people. It’s just completely out of control!

I believe from the deepest part of my heart that we need a universal, spiritual uplifting! We require a spiritual transformation to the way that our Founding Fathers — the authors and revolutionaries of our United States of America — formulated and created this nation. We must look to the greatest political and societal document in our history: The Declaration of Independence.

We must start living again for the people, of the people and by the people! We must live by the great President Abraham Lincoln’s decree that all men regardless of skin color are free!

And how will we do this? Through the 4 Truths accompanied by a Breath of Gar. Praise and Forgive. Praise and Compliment. Praise and Allow. Praise and Inspire.

Speaking of allow, we must allow for productive discourse — the idea that a person is given a chance to state his or hew views without the threat of a judgment or advice, even if the listener does not agree. That’s one of the first steps towards creating positivity and good feelings all around. This also allows for meaningful discussion and abundant problem solving.

On the flip side, if you hate someone so much that it permeates your entire physical, mental and spiritual beings — you must apply the Breath of Gar.

Take in a long, slow, deep breath and hold it at the top! For a few seconds or a bit longer if you can. Nothing too uncomfortable, but don’t be afraid to stretch it out if you are able.

Then, breathe it all out, slowly and deeply. Breathe it out with purpose. The purpose of letting go of the hate inside you.

I guarantee that the person on the receiving end of your anger will seem like less of a threat. And perhaps, even if you get to know him or her even better, you have the potential to get much closer. And not only that, but you’ll no longer hate them.

We must release any and all hate in our hearts if we are going to move forward in this society as spiritual, loving beings that are capable of anything and everything good in this lifetime.

We are worth it. You are worth it.

Remember the Breath of Gar!

Peace, Grace, Love and Namasgar,