Butterflies Of Freedom


What does it mean to be free? What do you see when you envision it? What do you feel? What comes to mind for me is the butterfly. The way they float and flutter through life, feeling ups and downs, but knowing how to navigate it. Seeing their majestic colors. Thinking of that familiar feeling we humans call as “butterflies in the stomach” — usually signifying feelings of excitement or nervousness associated with not knowing what will happen next.

A butterfly is the symbol of freedom!

By visualizing your own freedom via the butterfly, it’s easier to comprehend a lifestyle wherein you don’t feel chained down by negative people, emotions, thoughts or feelings. It’s simple to grasp what matters in life — passion for your purpose, love for others and pride in oneself. It’s not a problem to share with others what you want from life and what you want for your brothers and sisters on this planet — life, love and the pursuit of happiness!

The butterfly loves their life. The butterfly is free of worry, doubt and negativity. The butterfly can show you how to feel true happiness, knowing full well that it comes from within. This isn’t a simple journey — to become as free as a butterfly — but it is a worthwhile one. But you must dig dip within yourself to find the essence of YOU and how you can best channel it in the world to make a positive difference.

We all have the power to affect others. We all have the power to make a difference. We all have the power to love with all of our might, creating a world where love is always the answer — not money, power or greed! We must always lead with love and the answers we seek to the questions we have will always undoubtedly appear.

Think of the butterfly. The butterfly does what makes it happy, but it also gives back! As they fly from flower to flower, they are pollinating them, allowing them to continue to reproduce and make their own mark on the world. Cause and effect. We are all in an ecosystem. What goes around comes around. We must all do our part. Think of the butterfly!

Seize those moments in your life! The opportunities where you can help others. By living in service to others, the mark you make on the world is one of goodness and true love. Don’t be afraid to reach out and connect. The difference you make on another soul could be one that changes their whole life. Pollinate the world with love and you, too, will feel the love in return. It’s the circle of life, kids! We all have the power. And so does the butterfly.

Peace, Love, Grace and Namasgar,