Your Spiritual Heart

“Your Spiritual Heart”

I promise you…

…that you will become, during this lifetime, anything that your spiritual heart desires. You can become the best, the very best that you can be!

Any of you can become the best that you can be.

All you need is a dream and some faith sprinkled on top! Keep that faith, baby, and don’t listen to anyone or anything telling you to give up.

Don’t ever, ever, ever, EVER give up on your dream!

It can take a long time to gain your personal freedom. We’re talking thousands of hours of persistent, sweat-inducing, pain-inflicting, difficult, excruciating and hard work!

And with that, you need personal, mental, emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual freedom. Let that freedom ring within you and beyond!

I have discovered through my own personal meditations that happiness — real and permanent happiness — can only be achieved when you are truly emotional free from any chains holding on to your soul. So in a sense, happiness does suck! Because to gain and achieve the end goal of happiness, you must — with NO bullshit — be willing to put in the effort.

Putting in the effort can be lonely at times and yes, it is often painful. It takes sincere discipline to reach the gates of happiness. It isn’t for the weak!

But I do believe, with humility and unconditional love in my heart, that you are worth it and can do it. I, Gar, have achieved it! After 50 years of painstaking, lonely and emotionally draining days, weeks, months and years, I achieved happiness. I was emotionally void, I felt psychological isolation and my spirits were crushed, but I finally went through The Door.

The Door to my Spirit. The Door to my Soul.

Your Door is waiting for you, too!

To all of you cherubic souls out there who are struggling in the rat race, competing every day for the so-called power of the “Almighty Dollar,” and striving for the fastest car, the most stylish wardrobe and the biggest home — know that I had it all. I did. I had it all and you know something?

Happiness, as you know it, sucks! The happiness associated with material wealth SUCKS!

Because money cannot buy Love! Only love can “buy” you love.

Love begets love. Lead with love. Always. Only love can “buy” you love.

Peace, Love, Grace and Namasgar,