What is Spiritual Pop

“What Is Spiritual Pop?”


Everyone loves a good pop tune — that’s why it’s called pop, it’s popular! A catchy tune, a good beat and upbeat lyrics are often a recipe for a Top 40 hit. When a good song gets in your head and just won’t leave, more often than not, it’s a pop song!


So what is spiritual pop? Spiritual pop goes much deeper. It’s easy to dance to and easy to listen to, similar to it’s cousin pop, but the message of the lyrics holds more weight — the message is meant to inspire, to motivate and to encourage!


So is it religious music? No. Spiritual pop does not fall in line with any one religion, however the themes may be similar. Themes found in spiritual pop include love, acceptance, healing and overall goodwill towards all people worldwide.


The essence of spiritual pop is found within each and every one of our souls. It’s what our heart wants to say, feel and hear. The music is meant to lift listeners up, calm the mind when it is racing or provide comfort. The bottom line is that with spiritual pop, the listener is not alone. Spiritual pop offers a feeling of connectedness to other people and the world at large.


Of course you can dance to spiritual pop! Of course you should sing along, too. But additionally you should take the message to heart, which offers an unparalleled bond with the music itself. It’s a magical sensation! Music has the power to truly heal and guide our souls — spiritual pop does so with every song, every note and every lyric.


A type of meaningful poetry set to music that is immediately pleasing to the ear, spiritual pop is poised to take the world by storm! With Gar at the forefront as a musician and lyricist, it is his hope that this new genre will spread, not only as a new genre of music but also as a positive message in association with his non-profit organization, Save A Life A Day.


Again, spiritual pop is for everyone. It is for every religion, every race, every gender, every sexual orientation, every socioeconomic status and every glorious being that graces this beautiful earth. Listen, enjoy and respond — you won’t be able to help it!


Peace, Love, Grace and Namasgar,