Serve Humanity

“Serve Humanity”

Why are we here? To serve each other. Of course!

Serve humanity! Serve your brothers and your sisters! Not tomorrow, no. Not tomorrow, but today! Do not put off the opportunity to open your heart to someone, not for another second.

Open your heart to your son, your daughter, your mother, your father, your cousin, your aunt, your uncle, your family friend…

Or even a perfect stranger!

Open your heart because when you do, when you reach out that helping hand rooted in unconditional love within your heart, the feeling will emanate through your physical touch. You and the person with whom you are connecting will reap the benefits tenfold. Connecting is a human truth, a human want and a human need.

For when you connect and open your heart, you’ll never walk alone nor will you ever never be alone. Hear me now — you will never walk alone again!

The kingdom of freedom — the symbol of true human happiness — is found and come from within. When and only when you recognize and appreciate that life on this earth equates to serving others, serving humanity and serving your fellow man, you will unlock the secret to life. Feel this revelation with passion, true passion, the same passion that makes your heart flutter from romantic love when you once again met your sweetheart of a thousand years in this life. It’s how you know they are the one. You feel it in your heart. You feel it with passion.

Feel that feeling! Make a difference with that feeling with everyone you touch today!

Reach out and touch someone’s hand, reach out and give someone a hug.

Be there for someone! Be there for someone homeless, be there for someone lonely and elderly. Listen to their stories. Let them fill your heart and in turn fill theirs with stories of your own. Fill the space with joy and laughter. Do it today!

Seize this moment! Seize this moment of truth because you may never have that opportunity to serve humanity again. Life is as fleeting as it is beautiful, and we recognize the beauty around us every day. We must also recognize the human need to connect. Serve from that place. Serve humanity. Serve each other.


Peace, Grace, Love and Namasgar,