Ram Dass

“Ram Dass”


Ram Dass is a man for the ages! At 84 years young, he is paralyzed because of a near fatal stroke back in 1997, resulting in expressive aphasia. Miraculously, he smiles incessantly despite of his debilitative physical state and speech disability.


He is someone to idolize and inspire millions and millions around the globe. I do believe that Ram Dass will go down in modern history as one of the all-time greatest humanist philosophers to have ever lived.


His ideology is simple…


“Be Love.”


His philosophies and teachings have been my guiding light since I was a teenager, living off the land in a hippie commune that ultimately began my transformation to an Ananda Marga Yoga Ashram in New Mexico. And finally, his bestseller Be Here Now on spirituality, yoga and meditation is something I was blessed to find.


People of influence have been influenced by Ram Dass including President Barack Obama, Apple founder Steve Jobs, self-help leader Dr. Wayne Dyer and the inspirational thought leader Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith — and that’s just a short list!


Ram Dass has eschewed western culture materialism and gives away annual royalties in hundreds of thousands of dollars from all of his published books to non-profit foundations rooted in peace and love. He resides in a small cottage in Maui while embracing a loving, minimalistic lifestyle. I had dreamt of meeting him my whole life in the flesh. And finally, this year, I did.


As a small token of my humble respect and love, I gifted him a Panaham Hat so that we could be “look-alikes” as shown in the picture below. He graciously accepted and posed for one of the best photo ops of my life! What an amazing soul!


Thank you, Ram Dass, for everything you have done to shape me and the millions of other seekers to the souls we are today. May God bless you always and please stay forever young!


Peace, Love, Grace and Namasgar,