No Regrets

“No Regrets”


In my world, there are no regrets…


No “Should Have,” “Would Have” or “Could Have…”


No maybe yes and no maybe no…


It is how it is and what it is.


Simply, it is what is is! And we must stand up for what we believe in!


And with regards to the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles County Jail System, they are both rife with corruption! In addition to my own experience, I have met with and interviewed privately many former inmates who were brutalized, tortured and silenced due to the potential of promised great physical harm by the hands of the establishment. I know this sounds absolutely incredible, but Nazi tactics of intimidation, dehumanization and torture are running rampant through the Los Angeles County Jail and Sheriff’s Department, specifically against the economically poor people of America and the city of Los Angeles.


I believe very strongly that there is a systemic bias against the minorities of America, the disenfranchised and the underclass who have not had the same opportunities as their white brothers and sisters due to the endemic of bigotry, racism and arrogance of the people at the seats of power in our communities. These people are elitist, money-hungry, greedy and disgusting — and they are found at both the local state and federal levels.


Our founding fathers believed in freedom when drafting the Declaration of Independence, along with other great thinkers in the history of human civilization like Rousseau, Voltaire, Hume, Kant and Smith! They were encouraged, taught and inculcated in the philosophies of humanization as well as the separation of Church and State! They were against tyranny, elitism and unholy, insensitive and power-hungry powers-that-be that are still in existence today! They got together and called themselves bishops, put on long robes to look holy and walked around spreading incense and sage in the air, purely for effect, to hold influence on the poor, uneducated masses that surrounded them. Then they demanded the tithe to the Church and punish those who could not pay while threatening eternal damnation. These horrible ways have trickled down into the present day, manifesting in the most evil of ways: sexual abuse against our children. Well, no more! This madness must end and it starts with us!


We must speak up! We will be the silent majority no more! Stand up for your fellow man, woman and child who do not have a voice of their own. Stand up to the Church and to the so-called Law — what they are doing is not right and it must end.


We must lead with love. It’s all about that business, and the business is to live, love and laugh. Do all three today and then again tomorrow!


If you do one personal favor for Gar, let it be this:

Live, Laugh and Love every day!


Kumbaya! Kumbaya!


Peace, Love, Grace and Namasgar,