Healing a Broken Heart

“Healing a Broken Heart Holistically”


One of the most difficult ailments to heal is that of a broken heart. The pain, the suffering and the anguish manifesting inside of you can seem more wretched than the worst of physical illnesses. Having a broken heart can make you feel hopeless, as if you’ll never feel happiness again. Deep down you know this isn’t true, but it can seem like an insurmountable task to do the work and dig yourself out of this hole of despair. It’s a terrible feeling, but it is a universal feeling — almost everyone has suffered a broken heart and some point in their life and as they say, no one has died from a broken heart no matter how much it hurts. But hard work indeed lies ahead!


Some people dealing with a broken heart turn to food, alcohol or drugs to numb the pain, but none of that will help the issue in the long-term. You must learn to draw from within to return to yourself! Be gentle with yourself and give yourself time. The business of healing a broken heart definitely does not happen overnight. It’s a slow process — little by little — wherein you make small strides every day until one day, your heart no longer hurts the way it once did.


All this to say, when healing a broken heart you must be kind and take care of yourself! Put yourself at the forefront and ask yourself each day, “What do I want?” or “What will make me feel good today?” This can be curling up with a book, watching a silly movie, going for a long hike, working out in the gym or meditating to some peaceful, soulful music. Anything that will provide good feelings, even if they are in the short term. Piece by piece, the feeling will last longer and your heart will continue to heal, feeling the effects for hours, days and months as opposed to minutes when you first began your healing journey.


Basic self-care is also crucial during this time — eat nutritious foods and don’t skip meals, get enough sleep and don’t let your hygiene habits slack. Try to stick to a healthy, normal routine as best you can and don’t be afraid to ask for help from loved ones. Whether you need someone to talk to or just someone to sit with you while you cry, it’s always OK to ask for company from the people you care about. They want to help you through this difficult time in any way that they can because they love you.


The truth of the matter is achieving any kind of happiness is very hard work — and it’s even harder when you’re dealing with a broken heart. But it is important to remember that your heart will definitely heal, you will feel like a lovable person again and you are 100% capable of loving and being loved. You are beautiful and worthy exactly as you are. Knowing these truths will get you through the darkest of times and focus on healing. You can do it! I promise.


Peace, Love, Grace and Namasgar,