Happiness Sucks

Happiness Sucks!


Wait, what? Yes, we said it. Happiness sucks. Because the thing is happiness isn’t the quick fix that the world sometimes leads us to believe. It isn’t a sound bite, it isn’t something tangible and it certainly isn’t something you can just pick up at the store. Happiness, at it’s core, can often be hard work. This is especially true for people suffering from depression and bipolar illness.


We’re told constantly by advertisements, marketers, books, the Internet, our friends and our family that we should all be happy all of the time. How realistic is that? Especially when dealing with the stressors of everyday life. But one thing to keep in mind is that happiness is definitely attainable and within reach at all times. But we must do the work to achieve it.


The commonplace solution for depression and bipolar is unfortunately prescription drugs given to patients by a therapist. These drugs can relieve the pressure that’s building up inside — but where does it go? And where do YOU go when under the influence of a prescription drug. It’s essentially blocking chemical reactions in your brain which means the depression symptoms can be suppressed, but the core of who you are as a human being becomes suppressed, too.


This cannot be the only way. And guess what? It isn’t!


Adapting a holistic approach to battling depression and fully embracing happiness is the way forward! The core mission of Save A Life A Day is to eradicate depression and bipolar illness with a natural method comprised of an organic diet and healthy approach to nutrition, a balanced and vigorous exercise plan, daily self-care and meditation, healing upset feelings through music and time spent in nature and generally embracing activities that make you feel healthy, balanced and whole.


You must have faith in yourself that you are able to do this important work. The superficial concept of happiness sucks. The path to happiness is what is real. Make your happiness a priority and acknowledge that it can take time and that some days will be worse than others. Always recognize that you are not alone and surround yourself with people in your life that love you truly and genuinely.


This isn’t Mission:Impossible, but it isn’t always a walk in the park either. Always take care of yourself, mind, body and soul, and do the best that you can every day. The world can be harsh enough — always be kind to yourself and to others. Lead every decision from love and compassion and happiness will always be within reach. And you deserve it!


Peace, Love, Grace and Namasgar,