Gar Michaels in the International Business Times

International Business Times

Please tell our readers about how you transformed your life with yoga and meditation.


I was first introduced to yoga as a young man at an ashram in New Mexico. It changed my life forever. I wanted to stay there always and become a monk! But my mentor there said that was not to be and that staying there was not a part of my life path.


And so I carried on with my life eventually marrying, having children and starting a successful business. When I was diagnosed with bipolar, I lost control of so many things in life and I was put on an innumerable amount of prescription drug cocktails over the years. Finally, I had had enough!


I turned to yoga and meditation to regain focus in my life. I cleaned up my act, took my new path of mindfulness incredibly seriously and vowed to myself to lead a healthy, spiritual life. I have now made it my mission to spread this message of love, spirituality and mindfulness to everyone worldwide!


Please talk about Our Organic Life Store. Why is organic food important?


Food is fuel for our minds, bodies and souls. So if we feed our bodies processed foods, unhealthy fats and excessive sugar, we are definitely not going to operate at our peak potential! By fueling up with whole, organic and healthy food products, we are poised for success in every way!


A healthy body equates to a healthy mind which equates to a healthy soul. I firmly believe in the concept of integrative health and much of it, most certainly, begins with food. Access to organic food should be a right, not a privilege. And it should definitely be a priority for all of us!


How did you get the idea of the 100k give away? What do wish to achieve through it?


I have been fortunate in this lifetime when it comes to wealth and as it is my mission to be generous and spread good fortune, I wanted to offer this opportunity to those who are ready to make serious, positive changes in their life. By tallying up random acts of kindness, positive attitude adjustments and spreading this message to others in one’s circle, it is my hope that this positive way of thinking will permeate throughout the whole world!


It’s my interpretation of paying it forward and I hope it inspires everyone who comes across it to participate.


What advice would you give young people who are getting involved with drugs?


First I would advise them to take an honest look at their life and figure out what they feel is truly missing. Oftentimes young people turn to drugs to fill a void they do not know how to otherwise fill. My next suggestion is to lean on someone that you trust, be it your family, friends or other loved ones. Tell someone what is missing in your life. Ask for help. And accept their help.


And if you feel you do not have anybody, I encourage you to research the resources in your community for help with drugs, mental health or other issues. And I would certainly welcome any young person to reach out to me — I’ve been there and it is my mission on this planet to help those in need, especially youths who may be feeling lost and unloved.