Finding Inner Power Without Judgement

Finding Inner Power Without Judgment


When a person is given a chance to state his or her views without the threat of judgment or advice, even if the listener disagrees, this is the first step toward creating good feelings and a sense of inner power. This method of communication allows for true discussion and problem solving, without reaching a combative state. This is not always easy as emotions can rise to the top, which can be expected, but by keeping extreme emotions in check and removing judgement from the equation, a true solution can arise.


On both sides, silence can also be a powerful ally. Take a moment to be silent when having a difficult discussion. It can be positive and comfortable in all of its forms — whether you are on the beach at dusk, looking out to sea and feeling the unseen energies of your surroundings permeate your entire being. A silent pause can be just as powerful when having a meaningful, potentially emotional discussion. Take the time to breathe through it and just be. So much clarity and peace can come from moments of silence. Do not judge this phenomenon. Merely accept it.


Your mind will adjust to these pauses and become able to scan for hidden messages found in the silence. This is the clarity that has been referenced. Once you put this skill into practice regularly, your brain, will do this automatically, aiding you in coming to a peaceful resolution on both sides, whether you end up agreeing or not.


We must always lead with love. When you hate someone so much that it permeates through your entire physical, mental and spiritual being, you must use the power of silence and the power of no judgment. It’s crucial. One exercise to do so is to inhale deeply for ten seconds, hold that breath for ten seconds and exhale for ten seconds. Take a moment to lead from love instead of from hate. And just as you would want someone to listen to you without judgment, do the same for the person you have difficult feelings for — it’s a peaceful method.


So often we are told to rely on our words and while there is a time and a place, the need to be silent, without judgment, is a tool that can relinquish the most evil of arguments. It’s about both give and take. It’s about listening just as much as it is about speaking. It’s about putting yourself in someone else’s shoes, even for a moment, and recognizing the power in their own emotions, thoughts and feelings.


We are all worthy of our own feelings and all of our feelings are valid. This is not up for debate, this is a fact of being a human life on this planet. We must all work together to live in harmony and lift one another up as much as we can. The value of a serious discussion is immeasurable, particularly if it is handled in a civilized, judgment-free zone. This skill takes practice, but if you lead from love and kindness, it will become more and more natural for all involved.


Peace, Love, Grace and Namasgar,