Finding Happiness Through Freedom

Finding Happiness Through Freedom


Many concepts in this life can be seen as murky or living in a grey area — love, happiness, success. There’s no one way to describe those because it can be different for so many people. But freedom? Freedom is pretty cut and dry.


Freedom means you are not bound by anyone or anything, having the full ability to live your life as you see fit.


So no wonder oftentimes feeling truly free leads to feeling truly happy. But how do we achieve this freedom? Much like happiness, it’s a lot of work. We’re born into a society where there are so many perceived boxes to fit into, to-do lists to check off, people to please and the list goes on and on. From a young age, most of us feel compelled to fit in any way we can without ruffling any feathers. That doesn’t sound very free at all!


We must foster these feelings of freedom for our youth and for ourselves! No longer do we need to stay silent on the things that truly matter in this world — leading with love and kindness and generosity! The moment we acknowledge that our highest good on this planet is serving others and holding a true belief in the phrase, “what goes around, comes around,” that is the moment when one can truly feel free!


Embracing this freedom with reckless abandon can be a frightening prospect. After all, most of us for most of our lives constantly look to others for approval even before turning to our own approval — teachers, parents, bosses and others of influence. This isn’t to say their opinion doesn’t matter, but it certainly isn’t the end all, be all. The end all, be all lies with you!


You get to decide how to live your life. You get to decide your standards. You get to decide your values. You get to decide your principles. You get to decide your morals.


You get to decide if you are free!


And by proxy, you must be the one to make that decision. And it’s a leap of faith that you must be brave enough to take. The road can be long and scary and daunting and sometimes you may feel defeated. But you must persevere! You must go on!


On the other side of freedom is the journey to happiness and once you reach true happiness, that’s when there is truly no stopping you! Do the work and reap the benefits. Like most things in life, freedom doesn’t come for free, but it’s worth every price you must pay.


Peace, Love, Grace and Namasgar,