The Power of Being in Nature

“The Power of Being In Nature”


We are so blessed by the natural beauty all around us at all times. We live in a stunning, remarkable world that we must learn to take better care of — look at how well it takes care of us! Oceans, lakes, mountains, valleys, prairies, vistas, forests and flowers. The list of natural beauty on this earth is endless! And being at one with nature as a human being is a powerful force that can lead you on a path to true happiness!


Scientifically, it is also encouraged to be out in nature as much as possible. Vitamin D, the hormone we receive from natural sunlight, is a natural mood booster along with strengthening our immune systems! Plus, if you live in a city there’s a good chance the air you’re breathing isn’t the best. Clean air is abundant in natural areas and you will feel the difference with each and every single breath you take.


The mental health benefits are beyond compare as well! A simple nature walk can elevate your mood, alleviate symptoms of depression and just overall make you feel darn good! Studies also show that time in nature helps with stress so even when you feel you’re so busy you don’t have a minute to think, take a few minutes to visit with Mother Earth. She’ll cure what ails you (or at least clear your mind to better attack the task at hand!)


When your energy levels are low, your physical body can feel rejuvenated after spending time in nature. And you often sleep better as well! If it’s safe to do so, feel free to remove your shoes and/or socks to truly feel the earth beneath you. Studies are being conducted about the benefits of “grounding” and the impact the ground can have on the human body, mind and soul.


Speaking of body, mind and soul, it should come as no surprise that meditating in nature can improve your practice considerably! The connection to the earth, the energy that surrounds you and your peaceful focus and intention will all work together to make you feel amazing and ready to take on whatever life throws your way!


It’s extremely powerful to have the ability to take control of your health in such a positive, natural way. The healing forces contained in our home, on planet Earth, are immeasurable. The Earth possesses a wealth of natural healing resources that many citizens of the world do not take full advantage of. Break free from the computer, put down your phone and go it alone or with someone you love, but get that body outside and into the sunshine and/or moonlight (depending on your mood — the moon can be very calming as well, particularly if you are near a body of water.)


I wish you well on your journey as you continue along the S.A.L.A.D. path!


Peace, Love, Grace and Namasgar,



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