The Important of Physical Fitness for All

“The Importance of Physical Fitness”


We only have one body during our time here on Earth and we must make it a priority to take the best care of it that we possibly can. This includes, of course, keeping our body active through physical fitness! Exercise doesn’t have to be a drag. In fact, the way you keep your body fit should be an activity (or multiple activities!) that you enjoy. Chances are, you’ll keep up with regular daily exercise and not only that, but you will feel amazing as your endorphin levels will be flying high!


Here are three ideas to keep in mind when planning your workouts:



You must incorporate regular strength training into your workout plans. The American Heart Association recommends at least two times per week! In addition to tried and true free weight lifting, you can also do exercises that utilize your own body weight, resistance tubes or machines at the gym. The older we get, the more lean muscle mass we lose so in order to replenish it, a strength training regimen is non-negotiable. This also keeps our bones strong and our bodies at a healthy weight.



Get that heart rate up! Strive for at least 30 minutes of physical exertion at least five days a week, but of course feel free to up the ante! Running, jogging, biking, dancing, swimming, hiking — the list is endless for the ways you can get your cardio in each day. Keeping our cardiovascular system in top form allows us to maintain healthy blood pressures and waistlines, not to mention the natural mood booster that comes from breaking a sweat!



This is one that many people can forget, but it’s extremely important to incorporate stretching into your fitness routine. Stretching prevents injury while also aiding in our flexibility. The more flexible we are, the more our muscles can work effectively not only while we exercise, but in our day-to-day lives. So while you may want to dive right into your cardio or strength training for the day, don’t forget to treat your body to a beneficial stretch session!


Our bodies and minds are connected. There is no denying this. If your body is out of shape and inactive, this will have an effect on your whole life! You want to strive for a healthy integration of your body, mind and soul so keeping your fitness routine a priority should not be optional. Find your favorites and stick to it — don’t forget to recruit your family and friends. Workout buddies are always welcome!


Peace, Love, Grace and Namasgar,



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