The Healing Power of Music

“The Healing Power of Music”


Music is a gift for our souls! A song can take you back to a time you remember fondly, it can comfort you through a spell of tears and sorrow or it can help you visualize a happy, prosperous future! The truth is that music has transformative power over our lives. If we can harness it and channel it to the right places, the results can be miraculous!


We live in an anxious world and many people suffer from different levels of anxiety. Music is an anxiety reliever! Studies have shown that listening to music can greatly decrease anxiety and calm the mind.


The physical benefits are astounding as well. Need to listen to your favorite jams when you work out? No wonder! Listening to music while exercising takes your mind off the task at hand in many ways, allowing you to work out longer and harder! We typically match our movement to the tempo we’re listening to, so it’s no wonder that you’re able to get in an extra mile when you’re grooving to the latest pop dance hit!


Musical benefits are obviously there for people of all ages — including children. Classical music has been shown to improve attention span, creating more room in the brain for focus over distraction. Additionally, music helps us to be more creative as well — just keep the volume in the middle of the road or your brain could be overpowered by the sound!


Speaking of children, babies born prematurely have shown health improvements when lullabies or soft tunes are played in the intensive care unit. Remarkable and yet not surprising. Music heals! Music lifts us up! Music is power in your mind, body and soul!


In addition to anxiety relief, stress relief is also a key component to the healing power of music. Stress can be a constant battle, but listening to music that is pleasing to you will have a calming effect on your brain so you can push through the stress and get back to what really matters in life!


Furthermore, music can truly bring people together. Think about when you’re at a concert or a backyard barbecue with friends or snuggling at home with your sweetie. What is the soundtrack to these lovely events? We must come together to overcome the evils and stressors in this world and music is an amazing way to do so. Whether you’re listening to it, playing an instrument or gleefully singing along with your favorite performer, music can often illuminate the answer to what ails you along with bringing you peace, comfort and joy.


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