Seniors and Positivity

Seniors and Positivity


Many seniors struggle with negative thoughts in their advanced years. Loneliness, depression, ailing physical bodies and memory loss can all be contributing factors to the sadness your senior is facing on a daily basis. It’s not always easy, but the truth is that equipping them with a positive mental attitude can change their whole outlook on life. Studies have shown that positive thinking in seniors contributes to an increased life span, lower depression levels, a stronger immune system and improving their coping skills.


So how do we go about showing seniors in our lives how to maintain a positive mental attitude?




Socialization for seniors is one of the most important things when it comes to positive thinking. By surrounding themselves with other positive people, the feeling is literally contagious! This can include church groups, a book club at the library or reaching out to neighbors in a similar situation. By having continuous social interactions in happy spaces, your senior’s postive mental attitude will skyrocket!




This doesn’t mean necessarily going to church (although that can be a great resource for your senior depending on their faith). Getting in touch with their spiritual side will improve your senior’s attitude by leaps and bounds! This includes positive affirmations, including being grateful for a new experience or for the lovely weather or for the gift of seeing their grandchildren that day. Gratitude, prayer and of course, meditation like we discussed in another article, all contribute to your senior’s spiritual lives and will improve their positivity.




Sometimes helping others is the best way to boost our mood and that includes senior citizens. In addition to helping others, they also gain a sense of purpose which sends their positivity levels through the roof! Some ideas for volunteer projects include working with a community garden, reading books to school-age children or helping out at the local animal shelter. The best part about being of service is that there are so many communities and organizations in need of help that it’s easy to find one that can become very close to your heart!


Remember, emotional health and physical health are all intertwined and this is no exception for our senior population. When your senior is feeling blue, make an attempt to get them to see the light — positive thinking is the way forward at any age!


Peace, Love, Grace and Namasgar,

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