Meditation Practice for Seniors

“Meditation Practice for Seniors”


A meditation practice for a senior citizen can literally be life-changing. A boost in mood, a boost in brain function and boost of energy may all result from adding meditation to their everyday routine! We’ll go into the benefits in another post, but let’s review how to get your senior in the meditation mood!


So how can they get started?


First thing’s first — make sure your senior is comfortable! Make sure their back is supported either by a chair or if they are choosing to be seated on the ground, make sure they can rest comfortably on a pillow against the wall. If your senior chooses to lie down, make sure they will be able to easily get back up with the support of a sturdy piece of furniture or having a friend/loved one nearby.


Encourage your senior to be patient with themselves especially if meditation is brand-new to them. It’s OK to start with small increments of a few minutes. Just reinforce that they should try to clear their mind and if thoughts of any kind start to appear, acknowledge them and visualize them floating away.


Ask your senior if they would like to try a guided meditation or have music on in the background. There are many guided meditations available on CD or streaming on the web. A guided meditation can help your senior focus, especially in the beginning. And of course, music can really stimulate a powerful meditation. Help your senior select some meditation-friendly tunes that will aid them in their journey.


Reassure your senior that you’d be happy to talk with them about any emotions or feelings that come up for them after the meditation. They might experience something new and that can have an alarming effect on an older person who may already think they have seen everything. Be a confidant and lend your ear to senior citizens that want to discuss their newfound meditation journey.


Meditation is a life-changing practice to adopt in one’s life no matter your age! Be proud of your senior for taking this step for bettering their overall quality of life!


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