Meditation Benefits for Seniors

“Meditation Benefits for Seniors”


We shared how to get the senior citizens in your life to adopt a meditation practice, but why should they be doing it in the first place? The benefits are seemingly endless! Especially for our friends in an advanced age.




Meditation is shown to improve memory skills in senior citizens. The brain is stimulated during meditation that can help with short-term and long-term memory recall, which is fantastic news for seniors.


Stress Reduction


Seniors deal with a lot of stress in their daily lives, just like all of us do. Money, family obligations, potential loss of spouse and the realities of aging — it’s a lot to deal with! Meditation reduces stress in seniors, making their quality of life better for even longer!


Mood Boost


Meditation is linked to happiness! Many seniors struggle with loneliness and depression. A consistent meditation practice can increase their levels of happiness, usually stimulating social interaction and more participation in a variety of activities.




Meditation is helpful for seniors working on their sense of alertness. As it sharpens the mind, seniors will find themselves less forgetful around the house, more creative and sometimes even a quicker sense of humor — a benefit for all involved!


Physical Health


Studies on meditation show that your physical health can improve with a consistent meditation practice and seniors are no exception! Digestion can improve as the mind clears and deep breaths are taken, plus circulation will also improve making seniors more spry and in control of their body.


These benefits are a no-brainer! Encourage the senior citizen in your life to make an effort with their meditation practice so they can experience the rewards firsthand.


Peace, Love, Grace and Namasgar,



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