Juices or Smoothies

“Juices or Smoothies”


With so many fresh fruits and veggies in their prime season right now, it’s no surprise that we’re all jumping on the juice and smoothie bandwagon. Delicious and nutritious, both offer our bodies some hard-earned nutrients and vitamins. But which one is better for you?


The Case for Juice


Juices tend to have a better balance of fruits and vegetables because all hard vegetables can be juiced so you can get really creative with your concoctions. Not only that, but your body is able to absorb a juice faster because they are easily digested. This is great for after a workout or if you’re on the mend, healing your body. As for convenience, juices stay fresher for longer once they are made and put in the refrigerator. All that said, juices don’t have as much protein or fat as a smoothie, which means they aren’t as satisfying as a standalone meal nor or are they quite as nutritionally complete. Juice also has little to no fiber, which can add to that “hungry” feeling or even send your blood sugar through the roof if you use too much fruit.


The Case for Smoothies


Smoothies are absorbed slower than a juice, and often have more fat and protein, making them more complete as a meal and have the ability to make you feel full. Also, because you’re blending the fruits instead of juicing them, you retain much of the natural fiber from the fruits adding to that satisfying feeling as well as the health of your digestive system. But a smoothie, unlike a juice, must be consumed right away as they do not keep well long-term (think about the flavor and texture lost if a smoothie sits for a few hours — NOT appetizing!). Smoothies also tend to rely on fruits for flavor, but then you might be upping your sugar intake way too much. And with the full feeling mentioned above, a jam-packed smoothie could leave you feeling TOO full and ready for a nap, instead of rejuvenated and ready for the day!


And so, the moral of the story is that juices AND smoothies can be healthy based on where you are in your day as well as on your overall wellness journey. For something light, opt for a juice to replenish and renew. For a larger meal to tide you over until your next, a nutrient-dense smoothie might be just the ticket! Just be sure to monitor your ingredients and also how your body feels. At the end of the day, you’re the most in tune with yourself, so keep a close eye on how your body feels before, during and after — whether you’re Team Juice or Team Smoothie or somewhere in between!


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