Hygiene for Teens

“Hygiene for Teens”


If you’ve already been through adolescence, you know what a tricky time in your life it can be. Hormones raging, bodies changing and emotions about anything and everything. As a parent of a teen, it’s important to discuss all of that with your child including the aspect of hygiene. Elementary school kids may get away with not taking a bath every day, but once they hit puberty, everything changes. Developing good hygiene habits as a teen will undoubtedly lead to impeccable hygiene as an adult. So be sure to review all of the below:



Showering daily is an absolute must — especially if your teen is active in sports or other recreational activities. Encourage your teen not to skip the showers after gym class and to either start or end their day with a nice shower, too. Mild soap is best with a focus on face, hands, feet, underarms, groin and bottom. Also be sure to get underneath the fingernails and behind the ears. Hair washing may not be as frequent depending on your teen’s needs, but encourage a regular routine. And they should be washing their hands multiple times daily!



Teenagers tend to stink…it’s just a fact of life! So it’s time to pick up a deodorant. Let your teen choose a scent they prefer and perhaps you allow them to wear a perfume or cologne. Just don’t let them mask their body odor with their new grown-up fragrance! Also make sure your teen is laundering their clothes regularly without too many repeat wears!



Your teen may try to avoid this conversation, but talk with your daughters about their menstrual cycles and the proper, hygienic way to handle and dispose of the associated products. As for teen boys, it’s important to have the talk about “wet dreams” and how to clean up should one occur. Teach your child not to be ashamed of what is natural about their bodies and all human bodies — these are things that have happened to all human beings since the beginning of time. They’re officially in the circle of life!


By talking openly and honestly about your teens’ bodies and new hygienic responsibilities, as awkward as the conversation may be (to them), you’re doing the best thing you can for your teenagers. They will be happy and healthy and of course, confident! Teenagers have enough things to worry about without tacking on hygiene issues that are easily managed if taught early on. So hop to it!


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