Hygiene for Seniors

“Hygiene for Seniors”


As a senior ages, they may find it more difficult to keep an eye on their personal hygiene. This could be due to a number of reasons — more limited mobility, fatigue or simply plain forgetting! It’s important to make sure the senior in your life stays on top of their personal hygiene as it is imperative for their health and they will also feel better mentally and emotionally.


Here are a few tips for keeping your senior feeling clean and fresh, both on their own and with your help!



A senior’s hair is likely very different from how it was in their youth — if they still have any at all! So it’s important to use a gentle shampoo as their hair may have thinned out or become more prone to breakage. Baby shampoo is always a solid choice! Also, keep an eye on the temperature. Seniors tend to be more sensitive to the heat or the cold, so make sure the water is lukewarm and comfortable for them.



Make sure everything in your senior’s bathroom is readily accessible to them. This might mean installing a handrail or seat in the shower or investing in a bathtub with a door that opens along the basin, instead of having your senior climb into the tub, risking a huge fall. Additionally, make sure their preferred shampoos, soaps and lotions are within easy reaching distance and always near where they wash. In addition to being thorough with cleaning the skin, including any skin that may not be as elastic anymore (meaning you or your senior may have to lift to clean underneath), also make sure they rinse thoroughly. Soap can irritate the skin if left on to dry!



If your senior still has their teeth it is supremely important they maintain their oral health care regimen! Even if your senior only has some of their teeth, that doesn’t mean they get to let the remaining fall by the wayside. Continue with regular dental checkups and a regular daily routine. A gentle toothpaste and toothbrush along with a mouthwash is the best strategy and of course if they can still floss, they should! If your senior truly struggles with handling a toothbrush, an alternative is using gauze with an oral antiseptic to wipe down the teeth each morning and night.


Part of keeping the body healthy is making sure it stays clean! Stellar personal hygiene is not only about health, but also about your mind! When you feel clean, you feel good and for a senior, that is extremely important. So if the senior in your life seems to be struggling, approach them with an open conversation in a sensitive manner to see if you can help them get back on the right track!


Peace, Love, Grace and Namasgar,



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