Hygiene for Children

“Hygiene for Children”


Sometimes getting a child to hop in the tub after a long day of playing outside in the dirt or the sand can be like pulling teeth! But it’s important to impress upon your children the importance of good personal hygiene! Not only will they be fresh as a daisy for school (and potentially avoid being bullied), they’ll also be at less of a risk for contracting bacteria that could lead to illness.


Here’s a few suggestions for the typical hygiene components for children:



Make it fun! When bath time rolls around and your child is trying their best to cleverly slip out of their personal hygiene duties, why not have plenty of toys at the ready! If they are able to bathe independently after a certain age, another incentive is giving them permission to select their favorite tunes via a shower radio. Remember, kids like to have choices, too, so when you’re shopping for toiletries, let your child pick out something with a scent they like. They’ll be much more excited to use it come bath time each night!



Your kid may have said they already brushed their teeth, but you can smell otherwise! Again, press upon the importance of good oral hygiene. Electronic toothbrushes (some even play music!) can make the task more fun along with a variety of flavored toothpastes made just for kids. Not only that, but kids should know that the better they take care of their teeth, the more they will like their dentist! No one wants a cavity!



One of the single most important things kids can do to better their personal hygiene and stave off germs is washing their hands and washing them often! Key times to get them into this routine include before and after meals, after using the bathroom and after playtime. Warm water and soap is a must — your child may try the old “no soap” method, but that can’t fly! Also make sure underneath their fingernails also gets clean. It might be a good idea to keep a nail brush near the sink or in the tub to get any dirt out from under there. The fingernails can be a literal hotbed for bacteria! Another tip — always keep hand sanitizer at the ready for those times you’re in a pinch!


By setting up healthy habits for your children early on, personal hygiene will be like second nature as they transition to adulthood. Not to mention when they approach adolescence — perhaps the most important time to have good personal hygiene. Keep on scrubbing!


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