How to Become a Morning Person

How To Become A Morning Person


One of the greatest things I can recommend is becoming a morning person! It’s when I feel most serene, make my meditation practice a priority and focus on setting a positive tone for the day ahead.


Alas, not everyone is a morning person — at least not yet! Try these simple ways to become more of a morning person and be well on your way to becoming happier, healthier and more productive!




The first thing you should do as you wake is to drink a large glass of water — and drink the whole thing! Sleep dehydrates us so a good rule of thumb is to have it at your bedside ready to rock when you rise up out of bed. This is super important and will revive you if you’re a bit groggy in the morning.




Set a positive tone right away! Put on your favorite tunes and shimmy as you brush your teeth or set out your clothes for the day. Don’t forget to smile and laugh — science proves that both will lift your mood and spirits immediately, even if you don’t feel like smiling right away. Give it a whirl!




Our bodies have been motionless all night so make sure you give them some exercise in the morning. Deep stretches will get the muscles moving, relieving any leftover stiffness from the night before. And any type of exercise will get your blood pumping and boost your energy not to mention awaken your mind. So take a walk, go for a run or dance in the living room — whatever feels good to you!




You know I’m no stranger to a good meditation practice in the morning. Deep breathing, deep focus and setting an intention will improve your day by leaps and bounds. Don’t be afraid to start slow. See how it goes for one minute and then try two minutes the next day. Pretty soon you’ll be “om-ing” every day and reaping the benefits!




Never skip breakfast my friends! It truly is the most important meal of the day. Especially aim for a healthy protein or fat to jumpstart your morning — eggs, avocados, yogurt and quinoa are fantastic and delicious options for breakfast. No need to complicate it if you have a busy morning. Feel free to keep it simple, but keep it healthy!


Once you become a morning person, I promise you’ll never go back — even if it means going to sleep earlier. I promise you’ll feel more productive and more positive as the days go on so you can continue living your best life!


Peace, Grace, Love and Namasgar,




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