Energy Boost

“An Energy Boost: Gar Style”


We’re all prone to fatigue when we aren’t taking proper care of our beautiful bodies! Sure, there’s old reliable caffeine — but that’s not the Gar way, nor should it be yours. Did you know you can increase your energy levels the natural, holistic way?


These strategies sound simple, but how many of us actually take them to heart. Take a look and promise me you’ll give them a try before reaching for a K-Cup or heading to the Starbucks around the corner:




Mindless eating is an easy trap to slip into, but chomping on snacks from the pantry in front of the TV is not doing anything for your energy levels. Try eating mindfully, only when you’re hungry. Stick to organic, whole, clean foods because that will keep your body working to its highest potential. I shared how I’ve cut all sugar from my diet and yes people, that includes alcohol!




Get up and get going! Exercise is tremendously important if you’re going to keep your energy up throughout the day. The beauty of this is you can do things that YOU enjoy doing. If you don’t want to spend an hour on the treadmill, get outside and take a walk! I love my training sessions on the beach out in nature where I’m working my body plus my mind and soul — triple whammy! I promise you that exercising every day will leave you feeling rejuvenated instead of tired.




Did you know about 38% of Americans don’t get enough sleep? Sounds exhausting, right? It’s hard to make yourself a priority when you have a bunch of other sh*t to worry about — work, the kids, social engagements among other things. But it’s very important to make time for self-care and that includes getting enough sleep! 7-8 hours is what we should be striving for each night!


Another tip — back away from the iPhone! It’s hard to disconnect, but with all of that information crunching in our brains for hours every day no wonder our body gets tired! Get outside and take a stroll around the block and maybe bring your headphones (OK, OK, you can use the iPhone to set up a peaceful playlist if you must) — you know how I feel that music is good for your soul! So it’s definitely good for your body!


Remember, more energy means more life and may we all stay forever young!


Peace, Grace, Love and Namasgar,

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