Drug & Alcohol FREE

“Be Free”


The allure of drugs and alcohol can be powerful. They promise a release, an escape from reality and perhaps a temporary band-aid from any pain we are feeling. But this promise is just an illusion. Drugs nor alcohol cannot truly mend the discontent you may feel. Maintain your power by remaining drug and alcohol free. Your body, your mind and your soul with thank you.



The physical toll that drugs and alcohol can and will have on your body are numerous and dangerous. Binge drinking and alcoholism wreaks havoc on your liver, your heart and your immune system. Any number of drug, both illegal and prescription, can also weaken your immune system, especially if you are faced with becoming addicted. Your body will have a harder time withdrawing from the substance, making you feel horrendous and putting your body at serious risk of illness, disease and potentially death.



Let’s face it — any sort of positive feelings associated with drugs and alcohol are temporary and fleeting at best, and damaging and dangerous at their worst. Going to far with any substance can cause a person to go to dark or bizarre places. Erratic behavior is very possible along with potential for an emotional crash and burn. It’s not worth the anguish! Leave the substances behind.



Of course money isn’t everything, and the emotional and physical risks are certainly top of mind, but your financial health can also fall to ruins due to drug and alcohol abuse. Addiction is expensive and when you aren’t thinking rationally, due to a dependency on a particular substance, you could be flying through your paychecks before they even hit your account. This is a slippery slope that can lead to extreme debt or worse!


The heart of the matter is that drugs and alcohol are substances made to alter your mind, potentially harm your body and effectively disconnect your real self from the world. With so many wonderful things to see and do on this planet and numerous ways to find your happiness, it just makes good sense to stay on the path to enlightenment by remaining drug and alcohol free. And for anyone that gives you a hard time about such a lifestyle, they may not be worth keeping in your life. There are plenty of people that will be on your side, the side of peace and happiness, that you can walk alongside on this journey through life.


Peace, Love, Grace and Namasgar,




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