Brain Exercise for Teens

“Brain Exercise for Teens”


Teens are known for being…a challenge at times for their parents. However, teens often welcome a challenge of their own so why not introduce the concept of active brain exercise? Of course your teenager is at school and their brain is being stimulated — hopefully! But it’s still very important they continue their brain training in other ways besides being in the classroom. By encouraging some of the below activities, you’ll also encourage your teen to keep up a healthy dose of daily brain exercise!



Game night might get an eyeroll from your teenager, but if you select a game on the strategic end, you may just get an eager participant. Games have gone well beyond the old classics from years past. Why not suggest Settlers of Catan or another major strategy game? Maybe your teen would be thrilled to beat their dad at chess given the opportunity? Or maybe your family starts a weekly poker night placing bets in the form of chores or favors! Get creative.



Chances are your teen already has his or her nose in the smartphone on a daily basis. Encourage them to download apps that will help in their brain exercise. Mindfulness apps for meditation or mindteaser games can go a long way and the best part is, your teen likely won’t give it a second thought as the technology is already so fascinating to them.



Nature is naturally stimulating to the brain. Make sure your teen is getting plenty of physical activity outside of school and outside of the home. An after-school recreation league, a one-on-one tennis lesson or a quick round of pick-up basketball with the family in the driveway will do wonders for brain training. Any outdoor activity that involves strategy, working with others and focusing on an end goal will do the trick!


Sometimes it may not seem like it, but your teen definitely cares about what you think is best for them. By approaching the subject as though they are already adults, the battle is halfway won. Present the idea of brain exercise as a vital component to becoming a competent adult and your teens will be more than intrigued — good luck!


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