Brain Exercise for Seniors

Brain Exercise for Seniors


It’s extremely important for the seniors in your life to not only keep their body active, but also their minds! There are plenty of cognitive activities to share with seniors so they stay alert, aware and connected to the world — something that most seniors place a high premium on. Not only that, but a healthy brain staves off numerous diseases including dementia. So let’s get your senior working on their brain!



Enroll your senior in a class that will stimulate their mind! Check out the local community college course offerings. Maybe they have always wanted to learn French or want to brush up on world history. Perhaps a literature course with some interesting discussion will be right up their alley? The truth is your senior will have an interest in something and there’s likely a nearby class to stir up some serious brain exercise!



The senior in your life may have always wanted to paint or draw, or perhaps they’ve let their interest in knitting or scrapbooking last. Whatever their chosen hobby, it should get their brain moving due to the hand-eye coordination most hobbies require along with anything that requires a bit of planning! This is all good for keeping your seniors alert and spry!



Visualization goes a long way for the senior population. There are simple daily activities they can do as part of their brain exercise regimen. Have your senior close their eyes as they button their shirt, or put a bunch of objects on the table and see if they can remember where each item was — without opening their eyes! And of course, just imagining an activity stimulates the brain. They can close their eyes and imagine they’re at a beautiful place they once visited or just a stroll around the neighborhood. The gift of imagination is strong and only aids in the exercise of the brain!


It’s also fun for the whole family to play games together and that exercises everyone’s brain so don’t be shy — pull out the old Yahtzee or Bingo set from the back of the closet! The main thing to remember is that brain exercise will yield so many health benefits for your senior making sure their golden years are lived in a meaningful, peaceful way!


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