Brain Exercise for Children

“Brain Exercise for Children”


It probably comes as no surprise, but children often learn best through play! Of course the kids are attending school and actively nurturing their brains every day, but it’s a good idea to keep the kiddos stimulated at home as well. Brain exercise is vital for every human being and perhaps even more so to young children. Here are a few ways to help your child get in a good mental workout at home!



Everyone loves a good game night! Classics like checkers, chess and card games are always an option. These games require focus, strategy and planning! Don’t forget about Monopoly and other tried and true board games. To focus on coordination, opt for a game with a physical component like Jenga. All games are great practice for learning about winning and losing — and how to handle both situations well! For a less competitive route, doing a puzzle as a family is always a good time.



The Memory Game is a classic for good reason. The act of flipping cards over and remembering what was under them is a great way for your children to get their brain exercise in. Even if you don’t have the actual game, another way to play is with their toys. Put several of their toys spread out in an arrangement on the floor. When they close their eyes, remove one of the toys and rearrange the remaining. See if they can remember which one is missing!



Mind-body coordination is something we talk about a lot here at S.A.L.A.D. Helping our children to hone their motor skills is crucial as they move through life. Challenge your child to do daily activities with their non-dominant hand! If your child is musically inclined, learning to play an instrument is a great way to stimulate mind-body coordination as well. Dance, tumbling and other sports are also a solid way to go and also allows your child to explore potentially a new lifelong passion!


By putting a high premium on brain exercise for your children, they have a much better chance at growing into well-rounded teenagers and young adults. There’s true value in teaching the importance of brain exercise as opposed to zoning out in front of the television, computer or smartphone — unless of course they are playing a fantastic brain training game on these technologies!


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