Brain Exercise for Adults

“Brain Exercise for Adults”


Keeping tabs on brain health isn’t just for children, teens and seniors — it’s something we must all do on a daily basis. Staying sharp in the mind is key when it comes to the integrated health of our whole bodies. Luckily, brain exercise is actually very fun making it easy to carve out time in the day to take care of business!


Here are a few ideas to get your brain training regimen up to snuff:



As human beings, we have the tendency to go on autopilot a lot. NOT GOOD. While some of you may love a routine, there’s nothing worse when it comes to exercising the brain. So take care to change it up from time to time! Start doing daily tasks with your non-dominant hand, switch seats at the dinner table, take a different route to work, or mix up the order of your morning routine. By keeping your brain on its toes, you’ll also keep it in tip-top shape!



Always wanted to learn French or how to knit? What about finally getting around to those golf lessons? Well, you finally have a science-backed excuse. Learning a new sport, language, hobby or musical instrument are all enormously beneficial forms of brain exercise! Your brain will be in its element, using all of its inner wonders to make sure you learn something new and you’ll feel like a kid again, feeling all of the pride as you improve. So hop to it and learn the new skill of your dreams!



Seriously, play games. There are hundreds of brain training games online, for video game consoles or downloadable as apps for your phone. Take a few minutes out of your day to have a go at a daily brainteaser, punch out some math drills, try a couple of memory games and more — explore all of the options! By testing your brain strength on a daily basis, you’ll be acutely more aware of everything else the day throws at you. Bring it on!


Brain exercise is crucial at every single age. Our brains are truly so powerful, but just like any muscle in the body, it needs to be worked out to reach its full potential! So take this one to heart and make brain training a top priority. You’ll reap the benefits immediately and enrich your life in more ways than you may have thought possible.


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