Teaching Kids to Pay It Forward

“Teaching Kids to Pay It Forward”

If there’s one thing that makes the world go ‘round, it ain’t money — it’s paying it forward! You

know, random acts of kindness. This type of kindness must be taught to our children. And be

sure to teach them that this isn’t just about money, even though financial donations to charities

and the like are lovely things to do, but paying it forward can be the simplest act of kindness.



Lead the way in your family for paying it forward. Whether that means picking up the

Starbucks tab for the person behind you while your kids are in the car or letting the

frazzled family go ahead of you at the airport, if you lead the life of a kind person, that

will translate to your children. And tell them this kindness is purposeful — by being kind to

others we are making the world a better place to be for everyone!


Kids like to get involved in what their parents are doing. Why not encourage a

brainstorming session about how the kids can pay it forward in their own life. Doing a

lemonade stand on the weekends? Maybe they give every few cups away for free to

brighten someone’s day. Maybe you decide to volunteer somewhere as a family be it the

local animal shelter or a children’s hospital. Your kids can also practice their handwriting,

sending letters to lonely seniors in the local nursing home. The possibilities are endless

and your children will carry these values with them as they grow into kind adults.


Encourage your child to share their random acts of kindness and the notion of paying it

forward with their friends and teachers! This isn’t necessarily taught in schools, but if

your child is regularly making it a point to be kind to others beyond their day to day, they

can teach this habit to the other children in their circle. And if the teachers get involved,

perhaps the whole school can take on a project as a whole! Paying it forward relies on

communication and spreading awareness, so be sure to share with your child that telling

others about how to pay it forward is an act of paying it forward itself!

A small kindness at the outset may seem tiny and like it doesn’t make a difference. You and I

know better and now your children will, too. By expressing the importance of paying it forward

and being a kind person, your child will grow into an adult with a big heart and a generous spirit.