Nutrition for Kids

Nutrition for Kids

Our children are being targeted by corporate America constantly via the television, Internet,

billboards and more — all of which are shoving processed foods in their faces at all times. As

parents and guardians, it’s important to monitor our children’s diet and make sure they are

receiving the proper nutrition their growing bodies require!



The packaging of processed foods can be hard for a child to turn down with all of their

bright colors and promises of sweet and savory delights! DON’T BUY IT! Processed

foods will affect your child’s brain power and not to mention their weight. Childhood

obesity is an epidemic, largely because of the mass consumption of processed foods.

Don’t even go there!


Eating healthy doesn’t mean you can’t have a treat here and there. Unsweetened

applesauce, fresh fruit, honey and diluted fruit juice are all delicious options that are still

completely natural, allowing your child to satiate their sweet tooth without derailing their



Kids respond to games (don’t we all!) so when selecting veggies and fruits, ask them to

help you find all of the colors of the rainbow at the grocery store. Mention the darker and

richer the color, the better their bodies will feel! Pretty soon they’ll be picking out the

swiss chard, eggplant and kale all on their own and asking for it come dinner time! For

older children that can help in the kitchen, you might want to ask them to assist you for

meal prep. They’ll feel extra excited to eat such a healthy, delicious meal knowing that

they also contributed!


By focusing on making your child’s meals as nutrient-dense as possible, they’ll be better

prepared to handle full days at school, after-school activities and navigating their social lives. As

we know here at S.A.L.A.D., everything is intertwined — mind, body and soul!