“Drugs Gone Wild: The Great American Depression”

“Drugs Gone Wild: The Great American Depression”

I believe that our America is sick and getting sicker by the minutes. According to a multitude of Internet’s most reliable sources and cold, hard statistics, our highly-esteemed medical professionals and drug companies of this great country need to get together and listen to all of the situations that afflict our American populace today.


Read the statistics below and take in the facts — then you make the call. In the upcoming presidential election this November,  make sure you vote for the person on your side!

  • Over 49% of our entire U.S. population takes at least one prescription drug per day. This an an increase from 44% – 49% over the last ten years — some might say it’s an epidemic!
  • 66% of the time the drug ingested is either an antidepressant for adults or a mental stimulant for our children!

See if any of these suspicious drugs look familiar to you. Remember, we live in a dualistic world. Everything you take into your body has both an equal and an opposite effect. Know what you’re taking and be informed before you pop the pill!































 Amphetamine salts





Recognize any of these? I do.

I was a human guinea pig before I broke free from the Chains of Hell!

I was prescribed and ingested more than 121 unique, legal psychotropic drugs over a 23 year period. For the record, I was ten times more f*cked up mentally after I took those drugs than I had ever been before in my life! I was a test for the eight different psychiatrists that were “treating” me.

Non-psychotropics are just as dangerous if they are not regulated. They must be properly administered by an honest and caring physician.

Check your medicine cabinet to see if you’re on the “list.” Are you a guinea pig, too?

























There are 4.3 billion total annual prescriptions in America today. That’s 358 million per month. 12 million per day. 500,000 per hour!

Doctors prescribe 8,000 prescriptions each and every minute — that’s 140 every second!

Adolescents being prescribed mental stimulants has increased in meteoric proportions including Adderall, Ritalin, Clonidine, Concerta and other drugs like those. Drugs for our children! Kids diagnosed with ADHD has increased by 53% over the past ten years.

Americans spend $113 billion annually on mental health treatment, which goes mostly to prescription drugs and outpatient treatment.

Most of the men and women — some homeless — that are incarcerated are clinically mentally ill. $10 billion is spent annually in the state of California on the correctional prison system so 5% out of every dollar we pay in taxes goes towards paying for our mentally ill men and women in California jails.

31% of all Americans have taken two or more prescription drugs every day for the last 30 days — that’s an increase of 25% over the past ten years! And 22% of all Americans take THREE or more prescription drugs each day for the past 30 days. And finally, 11% of all Americans ingest into their bodies five or more prescription drugs every day for the past 30 days. This is an EPIDEMIC! We’re talking an increase from 6% to 11%, nearly a 100% increase, over the past ten years!

As for children, one out of five American kids have ingested at least one prescription drug over the last 30 days. And nine out of ten American senior citizens have used at least one prescription drug during the past three days!

67% of all visits to the doctor end in a drug prescription with antidepressant drugs being among the top three.  The most commonly used type of drugs include are asthma drugs for children, central nervous system stimulant for adolescents and antidepressants for middle-aged adults.

Mental health is a huge issue and we are facing a major drug epidemic in America today!

For the 99% of you who struggle, work hard and are trying to make ends meet each day to feed yourselves and your children, I feel your pain. It’s hard enough to keep up with the cost of living with a federal and state minimum wage that is simply a travesty!

Be a part of the solution to this tragic state of affairs in our country today!

STOP complaining to yourself and to others!

STOP criticizing yourself and others!

STOP proselytizing and attempting to force your views on everyone else around you!

STOP controlling!

“Don’t surrender,

Because you can win,

Through love,

There’s no easy way out,

Don’t give up on your faith,

Love comes to those who believe in it,

Find the way and believe it,

You’re going to find the way and you’re gonna lead it!”

(“That’s the Way it is”, as sung by Celine Dion)