Natural Alternative Medicine

In recent years, the go-to formula for treating someone suffering from depression is to write

them a prescription and send them on their way. Wham! Bam! Thank you, ma’am! What kind of

message is that? We are continuously told to numb our minds and bodies with a long list of

drugs and that’s going to be what sets us free from depression? I’m not buying it anymore and

neither should you!

What if I told you there are natural ways to combat depression? It’s not always easy, but with

lifestyle changes focused on living healthfully and happily, depression can become nothing but a

faint memory.

Depression is often linked to inflammation, meaning your gut and your brain are out of sync.

Inflammation is caused by a great many things — two major components are sugar and stress

(which can often go hand in hand). By eliminating sugar and managing your stress, your

symptoms of depression can be minimized and eventually eliminated entirely. Other methods to

decrease inflammation include clean eating for your digestive system, regular aerobic exercise

to stimulate the respiratory system and meditation to balance your mind.

Antidepressants only seem like a godsend at first — the symptoms appear to lessen, but

truthfully you become NUMB to the life you’re leading. This isn’t a cure to depression — it’s a

sentence to feeling nothing! And what is the point in a lifetime of not feeling?! Break free from

the chains of prescription drugs and combat your depression the natural way!

Lifestyle changes, like the S.A.L.A.D. Unified Whole Life Program, will truly make the difference

in the long haul. Fight the urge to down the pill and take the so-called fast track because in the

end it will not pay off. Antidepressants are linked to liver failure, weight gain, sexual dysfunction

and in some terrible cases, it can even make you prone to violence! Not to mention the lack of

being able to feel what is actually going on around you. It’s an epidemic in our society and one

we must defeat immediately!

Choose the peaceful path — the path that will bring you back to your true self!