Mind Over Matter!

Dealing with a physical health condition isn’t always easy — in fact, you usually have quite a journey ahead of you. Don’t fret! It’s easy to spiral into negative thinking, but you must find the willpower to do the exact opposite. Always remember: mind over matter!

After your initial diagnosis, your mind may start reeling, but it’s imperative to stay focused in order to stay in control of your overall health. So how do you maintain a mind over matter philosophy during trying times?

First, take the diagnosis as a cue from your body that you need to tune in more. Take this opportunity to learn more about your body and what it needs to be at its best. Listening to our bodies is a skill we must develop in order to maintain our overall health.

You should also sound the alarm with your support system. Remember, you’re not alone! Share your thoughts and feelings with your loved ones so they can help you through the dark times. This can be your partner, your doctor or a trusted friend — anyone that you feel will be able to keep you strong as you fight on!

Educate yourself! Ask questions to your health care professional about what’s going on with your body and take the initiative to research your condition on your own. The more you know about your ailment, the better you’ll be able to heal. With this education, you can create a plan of action — perhaps a diet change, altered sleep patterns, more exercise or self-care modalities will do the trick. But you won’t know unless you’re equipped with all of the information. Remember to keep track with everything you try and return to the first step: listen to your body! Try recording your day-to-day in a journal to chart your progress. Plus, writing can be very cathartic for the body, mind and soul!

Above all things, be good to yourself. This includes positive thinking as well as patience. Big changes don’t always happen overnight so give yourself the time to adjust and to heal, whatever your ailment may be. Negative thinking won’t help at all, so it’s best to focus on the positive and do everything you can to get back to your best self.

I believe in you — you can do it!

Peace, Love, Grace and Namasgar,