“Let’s Dancercize! It’s Waka Waka Time!”

If you’re like me and have an “out-of-the-box” personality with bouts of spontaneity, I hope you’re moved to dance along to this song with me!

Waka! Waka! This is “Dancercize with Gar!”

Keep the following in mind through the entire two-minute dance-cardio routine:

  • Take full, complete and controlled breaths — you don’t want to over-exhaust your body. Breath is everything!
  • Stay as low to the ground as your mighty quads will allow! With continued “dancercize” you will get stronger and stronger, and your butt will get lower and lower until it’s eventually “kissing” the ground!
  • Stay on the balls of your feet — try not to “rest” on your heels.
  • Don’t stop moving if you can help it! Listen to your body, but if you need to take a break try slowing down the movement or stop completely, bringing your movement to a slow walk until your breath has stabilized!
  • And finally, HAVE FUN and put a smile on your face! You deserve it!

As my old friend and amazing soul Mr. Bob Marley crooned all the time:


Now enough talking, let’s start moving and breathing! My brothers and sisters, this is a time to have fun! Let’s Waka Waka!

Peace, Love, Grace, and Namasgar,