“Will The Real Bernie Sanders Please Speak Up?”

This short video is amazing. It’s only a ten minute watch and nothing short of amazing. This guy, Senator Bernie Sanders, has been fighting and speaking out for those who need it most for a long time.

Bernie speaks up for the working class.

He speaks up for women’s equal


He speaks out against inner city poverty and teenage drug use, particularly the crystal meth epidemic amongst the poor, causing prison populations to explode. (I’ve unfortunately experience this up close and personally).

He addresses the massive income equality plaguing our country. 300,000 guys, the top 1% of the population, make more than the next 150 million Americans combined. Think about this:While 16 million of our children in this country are living below the poverty line, virtually homeless, CEOs are making 500 times that of the average worker, freezing wage increases and committing to more employee lay-offs in the corporate world. Horrifying!

It’s very obvious to me that after watching this video, Mr. Bernie Sanders is more for the minority populations, the working class and women than all others vying for President combined. If you agree, then please spread this message to your personal friends, your local community, your workplace and through your social media channels.

We all want change from the status quo so we all must put in the effort. Don’t sit on the sidelines thinking someone else will do it for you.

Be the change you want to see! You, your kids, their kids and all kids twenty, thirty, fifty years in the future and beyond deserve it!

I hope you agree, for all of our sakes?

Peace, Love, Grace, and Namasgar,


(P.S. Thank you to LaTonna Gentry for sharing this video with me!)