“That’s the way it is”


Some of the lyrics from Celine Dion “belting” it out with all her heart and soul in her song, “That’s the way it is”, best describes how I feel right now:

“Don’t surrender because I know you can win,
It’s this thing called love,
When you want it the most,
There is no easy way out,
When life is empty with no tomorrow,
And your heart is filled with doubt,
Don’t give up on your faith,
Love comes to those who believe it,
When you’re ready to love,
Your heart is filled with love,
Don’t give up on yourself,
Keep the faith……L.O.V.E.
……..And that’s the way it is!”

My last para of “My Truth and My Vision”
Is I believe, very, very powerful for me, Gar, personally.

Think that’s, in a nutshell, what I am now…all about….it’s funny, literally, over night, guess, writing has become so much a “Way of Life” for me, a way for Gar to communicate his message to the world, I write so much, don’t even take a chance to sit back and…..well, ya’ know
But it’s clear to me now……..
That’s who I am and that is my mission on earth for the rest of my life
My chains are now broken and I have made a promise to my self, that I will not, I will never allow that “Thing” that Manic Depressive Bipolar II disease that plaques me, has tormented me all my life……to make a comeback, never, to intrude on my life, Again!

And then, I, then, made a vow, I made a promise that I will spend the rest of MY LIFE, helping other tortured, tormented, suffering souls like I had been, and I will do it for free, I will not charge one dollar and rely entirely on donations, on alms, because I truly, truly believe that anyone who professes to help you, to save you, to heal with you, to bring you back to the truth beyond all truths, to the essence of your soul, to help you to regain your health, your life, back again, like you are meant to live……..in total harmony, peace, contentment……..within and without!

So I know not what will become of this, how many people will not only hear my message but how many will change themselves, will self-actualize themselves, will dig down deep, as I did, break their personal chains of mental anguish, of depression, of high anxiety, of loneliness, get rid of their medicine cabinet – full of drugs, the alcohol bottle, the airtight marijuana vials stashed in every drawer


I modified my entire life, my total daily habits, my total daily drug and alcohol crutch, my total daily diet, my total daily exercise, my total daily association with negative, non-ambitious, lazy, arrogant, non-compassionate, non-loving people, be them family or friends or business associates……

NO MATTER…….it was finally time to get selfish, to think about Gar Michaels, and take back control of my life. I, simply, was not ready yet to head for the great beyond!
I am not pulling any punches here…….Don’t think for a moment that that dark side of the brain did not get close…trust me, it got…very close!

I, in turn, modified my entire daily attitude, my entire daily state of mind, my entire daily physical body, my entire me…….

Through a purposeful, self-driven, focused, determined, resolute, meaningful, significant, no bullshit, no holds barred, positive, steadfast, well thought out, well planned, unwavering, aggressive, alive, bold, daring, exciting, against all odds, from the medical profession on down………
Eye of the tiger……..



• Self-administered!
• Self-monitored!
• Self-regulated!
• Deep and complete, intensive mental and intellectual research!
• Self-introspection!
• Intensive Meditation!
• Physical Exercise and Olympic Rings!
• Diet and Nutrition!
• No Mo’ Meat! ❤️
• Heavy Veggies! ❤️
• No Mo’ Sugar! ❤️
• No Mo’ Salt! ❤️
• No Mo’ Prescription Drugs! ❤️
• No Mo’ Psychotropic Drugs! ❤️
• No Mo’ Anti-Depressants! ❤️
• No Mo’ Artificial Sleep Inducers! ❤️
• No Mo’ Anti-Anxiety Drugs! ❤️
• No Mo’ Blood Pressure Drugs! ❤️
• No Mo’ Synthetic, Anti-Cholesterol Drugs! ❤️
• No Mo’ Statins! ❤️
• No Mo’ Lipitor! ❤️
• No Mo’ Thyroid Drugs! ❤️
• No Mo’ Bronchodilator Drugs! ❤️
• No Mo’ Anti-Asthma Drugs! ❤️
• No Mo’ Pain Pills! ❤️
• No Mo’ Addictive and Life-Killer Vicodon! ❤️
• No Mo’ Lithium! ❤️
• No Mo’ Abilify! ❤️

Thru the good Lord, the answer came to me!

No psychiatrically-prescribed, synthetically- developed drug in a pharmaceutical factory could ever bring me, MENTAL, EMOTIONAL CONTENTMENT AND PEACE IN MY HEART, and rid me of my never-ending feelings, thoughts, and emotions of……..depression, despondency, cheerlessness, gloominess, heavy heartedness, insanity, down in the dumps, melancholia, privately tearfulness, affliction, curse……
Wretched, sleep-deprived……..
Mental, emotional discontent……

Ingesting every day, a combination of a multitude of drugs, called a “DRUG COCKTAIL” very legal but life-threatening, sometimes as many as 4 to 5, at one time, and in combination, I would pop into my mouth at abut 7:00-8:00 am, depending upon what time I got out of bed,
I would make myself a Bi-Polar Cocktail, always experimenting……legal, illegal, lots of marijuana, best prescription pill, the best doctor, to what would take me out of my misery, over those 30 years, as having ‘Bipolar 2 disorder’, and, unfortunately, because of what I believed in my mind to be my fiduciary responsibility of a good father to my kids, a good husband to my wife, and a good employer to my 1000’s of workers, my second family employees, and (hid my mental psychological troubles in my work as so many of us do, generally either become workaholics or as lazy, non-ambitious, never able to hold down a job……and make every excuse in the book for it……..it was my parents fault, the dog ate my food this morning, my alarm clock didn’t go off, I had a fight with my wife, I didn’t take my drugs today, my drug dealer didn’t show up, it’s raining, my right never came to pick me up, my girlfriend doesn’t love me anymore, I caught my wife with my best friend, I have no more beer in the refrigerator, I don’t have enough money for gas, my car broke down, my aunt just died, i’ve got to go to court today to pay a parking ticket, it’s too sunny to work today, etc!

Well, I was one of those who switched, metamorphosis, transmuted my mental incapacitation to excessive work, working from 6 AM until 7 PM seven days a week, for 20 years straight, so I was a “high functioning manic-depressive”!

You need a friend, a support network to get thru:

“The Door To Happiness, Contentment, Peace In Your Heart”

Who offers a helping hand when needed, gives moral support, loyalty, kindredship, brutal honesty (even when it hurts), mutual respect, and ……..Spiritually

And, if you want to “HEP” or HELP people who may be either….

• generally depressed, (yep, that was I!),

• melancholy, (yep, that was I!),

• generally drink too much, (yep, that was I!),

• smoke too much weed or too many cigarettes (yep, that was I!),

• ingest too many anti-depressants, prescribed by a (?professional and compassionate?) psychiatrist, like what and whom, i experienced, 121 in aggregate (yep, that was I!!),

• simply, take too many unnecessary prescription drugs handed out by a (?caring?) medical doctor or health professional, whom him or herself, still may not be fully mindful of the collateral damage occurring on other body parts, organs, your overall body (i.e. Dramatic weight gain, looking 20 years older), and your mental ability and ability to still remember things and eat the same foods like when you were younger, without getting acid reflux

• stuck in a dead-end, possibly mentally, verbally, and physically abusive personal relationship, and maybe simply, too scared to pull out, and face the challenge of the unknown,……..

Admittedly, like I, Gar, before!

He would go on to say, “To get your messages of……And to resonate and connect with your Facebook friends’ Hearts and Souls……..Hope, Faith, Renewal, Your Feelings and Connection To Inner Peace, Your Personal Contentment and most importantly…….

“EMOTIONAL FREEDOM!”….how sweet it is ?”