“Make The Time…To Meditate!”

I could go on for ages about the benefits of meditation — a clearer mind, a fuller heart and a soaring spirit. So if you’re not meditating, the only question is: why the heck not?! The most common complaints are not having the time and not having the mental capabilities — you know, some people say it’s too hard. Well, it ain’t easy all of the time but with regular practice you CAN do it and do it well! It’s very important to take the time to connect with you, yourself, number one! And that means shutting down the mind to distraction and carving out the time in your busy life to just be still — even if that means just a few minutes each day. We all have a few minutes to make our lives a bit better, don’t we?

You can do it! My favorite time to meditate is in the MORNING. We’re just rising from our slumber so the mind is already prime for relaxation. Perhaps give it a try after you brush your teeth or before you hop in the shower? Making it a habit is the key. If you can hunker down and meditate even for just two minutes each day, you’re well on your way to establishing a meditation practice. Try to work your way up to ten minutes each day!

Don’t be afraid to reach out to meditation communities either. You have a friend in meditation right here with Gar. Watch my videos and read my blogs to motivate you on your meditation quest for peace, love and light! Maybe you can start meditating with your partner, a friend or coworker? Having a buddy can help you stay accountable to your goal of a committed meditation practice.

Why not try some experimenting! You can meditate in different positions and try different modalities. Sometimes I like to chant or listen to music. Other times I’m standing, sitting up or laying down. Do what feels good for your body, mind and soul! And listen, it doesn’t matter if you meditate for one minute or ten minutes or HOURS (we should all be so lucky 🙂 )– just please don’t judge yourself! Acknowledge any thoughts as they come in and visualize them on their way out. Just maintain your focus on stillness, keep practicing and keep believing in yourself! I promise that meditations will change your life for the better.

Give it a whirl!

Peace, Love, Grace and Namasgar,