“It’s Not Disabled, Stupid! It’s Differently-Abled.”

Yesterday, Kayden Clark, a 24-year-old transgender man with Asperger’s and suicidal ideation, called 911 and cried that he was so hyper-depressed, threatening to commit suicide. Police responded to his plea for help. When responding officers arrived, Clark, in a temporary state of insanity, tried to attack them with his “suicide knife.” They pulled their guns and shot him multiple times until he was dead.

What in God’s name is this all about?

Dear Police of America,

Hasn’t this “Shoot and Ask Questions Later” method gotten way out of control at this point? And against a mentally-ill, scrawny kid with no history of criminal activity to boot?

I have a few questions and some thoughts on the matter.

  • What about other methods that are effective and less violent, resulting in less needless murders? What about stun guns?
  • Don’t our police officers wear life-protecting, bullet-proof vests?
  • Can a 24-year-old, 140 pound, dripping wet autistic kid with no criminal history take down two muscle-bound cops, trained in self-defense, anger management and de-escalation tactics?
  • Where have all the mental institutions gone for the most seriously emotionally and psychologically challenged individuals? Most current outpatient therapeutic models have proven unproductive for those afflicted while the economic pockets of our Big Pharma drug companies are benefiting.
  • My federal and state government “partners” take out 35 cents for every dollar I earn to pay for our military, social security, “pork belly entitlements” and a whole slew of other inefficient, ineffective and expensive government programs. These programs operate because of a good lobbyist and the best persuasion that money can buy? So what about investing in mental health care facilities instead of a new prison? After all, most of our exploding prison population are those that are mentally challenged, bipolar, clinically depressed and more. The list goes on…
  • Maybe the police need less training on “shooting to kill” and more training with how to cope with inflammatory situations.

Perhaps if we considered the above, Clark would still be alive today to call his mother and wish her a wonderful, safe and loving weekend?

To all of you reading, I hope that you enjoy your weekend.

Peace and Love,