“A Political Revolution Has Just Rolled In”

Well, it’s becoming more and more apparent that the vulgar, grandstanding, egotistical, full-of- himself, Donald Trump, will be the presumptive Republican nominee for the United States presidency, and at the polar opposite end of the political spectrum, Senator Bernie Sanders, will be the presumptive Democratic nominee. In my opinion, Secretary Hillary Clinton is fading fast. And, for what it’s worth, I believe a third candidate will enter the mix as an independent.

It’s interesting to see two big mouth New Yorkers, (like myself), with such incredibly and radically divergent views. I can’t help but draw comparison back to the election of 1968 with far left-leaning Eugene McCarthy, or in 1972 with George McGovern, against “Tricky Dicky”, Richard Nixon. Unfortunately, Nixon won in a landslide because the voting populace wasn’t ready for a leftist McGovern or McCarthy.

But will it be different this time?

It’s time to accept this new reality and engage with it — educate yourself on the issues and become aware of our current state and the mess we’re in!

Become enlightened, and become empowered!

Freedom across the board, across our country!

Equal Justice, once and for all — 50 years after Martin Luther King, Jr., regardless of your race, sex or religion!

Equal Opportunity and Equal Education for everyone, regardless of skin color, socioeconomic status, or nationality!

So what can you and I do, in addition to exercising our right to vote, to help this nation?

As part of my contribution, I suggest we abolish term limits and evaluate our political leaders every six months, instead of a fixed, guaranteed job for 4-6 years. Gosh, I never had a guaranteed job for 4-6 years. If I didn’t perform I was fired. That’s it. End of story! I’m sure that’s the case for many of you reading, as well.  And so, the same reviews should be extended to our elected political leaders, especially in these “upside down” times in our country and in the world at large!

“Oh Lord, hear my cry and heal our land,

Newly, hear us, and heal our broken land,

Hear our cry, and heal our land,

Hear our cry, and see our tears,

And turn our nation back to you”

Music and lyrics by the magnificent and holy Ms. Jamie Rivera (slightly adapted by GM)

Thank you, Ms. Jamie Rivera, you made my day!