“Somewhere Over The Rainbow”


Dreams really do come true, you know? Even in ways we don’t expect.
To share your life with someone you love is an amazing blessing — your seconds, your hours, your days, your weeks, your months, your years and if you’re lucky, you make it your whole life together.
To share moments with someone you love is such a gift. A gift of peace and sometimes unrest. A gift of happiness and sometimes sadness. A gift of wonder and sometimes, sadly, tragedy. With these gifts, God challenges us to always remember to live life to the fullest as if today is your last and love with the most love you are humanly capable of living.

Every second you’re alive on this planet is so very precious — the ones of inexpressible joy and ecstasy, the auspicious moments of greatness and even the moments where it seems like nothing special is going on. But it is!

Think of the moment when your child was born, or when you went to their first sports game or first dance recital. Incredible, isn’t it? Remember, the memories you have as you grow older are yours alone and no one can ever take that away from you. NO ONE!

They can take your money, your honey and everything in between, but they cannot ever take your mind or your sense of self. That, with God’s help, you keep for eternity!

Peace, Love, Grace, and Namasgar,