“The Almighty Dollar”

Oh, thank God! How I love the “Almighty Dollar Bill” and how I beat it! How I beat the system and finally became alcohol and drug-free.

I now have my freedom from the cancer of a life-long, manic-depressive, bipolar personality disorder. I am sane again — thank God!

It’s very relevant on this extremely auspicious day in the history of our great country, The Good Ole’ U.S.A. where the idolatry of the dollar bill is unfortunately NUMBER ONE and systemic to our American culture, going all the way back to the birth of our nation.

It’s unfortunately hammered, battered and pounded into our heads. Both our conscious and subconscious minds are riddled with this principle, beginning from the day we are born until the day we pass on to the great beyond.

I call it EFT.




They stream into our heads incessantly at the unbelievable rate of 50,000 per day and startlingly enough, 60% of those emotions, feelings and thoughts are NEGATIVE which contributed on a personal level o my bipolar disorder. By the time a child reaches 21 years of age and considered an adult, they will have had over one million thoughts. Again, 60% of which are NEGATIVE!

If you’ve ever wondered why am I so melancholy? Why am I so depressed? Why have I spent so much time drinking alcohol, doing illegal, mind-numbing drugs or ingestive excessive psychiatrically prescribed “medicine?” Maybe it’s because there are over 600,000 negative thoughts lurking in my mind, consciously or subconsciously, all before I fully reached so-called adulthood! Just in time to learn all about the ways of the world in regards to alcohol and drugs. Tragic!

So how did I actualize my freedom from the lifelong hell of manic-depression?

By ADMITTING to it and working through it. Working HARD. And going drug-free so I was able to tap into my true self. Because of all the internal honesty and very “selfishly-driven” hard work, it has paid off in spades. It’s a feeling that in words I could never describe! I can only come close by saying, with all humility:

“Whatever heaven feels like, this is my personal, Gar’s very personal, heaven on earth!”

I am so proud to finally proclaim:

I, Gar Michaels, declare my freedom! I am free at last, free at last, to take a note from my idol Martin Luther King, Jr’s “I Have A Dream” speech in 1963.

Well, I’ve had a dream all my life to be drug-free and manic-depressive, bipolar free!

And God bless, NOW I AM!

And I’m going to share it with all those who wish to hear it, to learn it — how to be manic-depressive free without dependency on any alcohol or drugs, legal or illegal. Thank you!


By the way, I know all Americans want to believe in what we’re taught from our schooldays: to believe that America is number one in the world! But unfortunately, while America and its corporations suffer from the “money idolatry disease,” the disease of being bipolar or manic-depressive has no boundaries. It is my humble belief that it’s endemic to our entire world.

That said, we are in the midst of a political revolution led by a Jewish, 73-year-old Brooklyn native who just happened to come back from a visit to the Catholic Pope and believes the Palestinians are getting a bad reputation.

Now if THAT’s not an utter paradox and political revolution, than I don’t know what is!

Today is the New York state primary for President of the United States and I sincerely believe that this “old man” Bernie Sanders is our guy. Truly.

My unfiltered intuition tells me that Bernie will come within 5 points of Hillary, either way, as long as the process or polls are not rigged! Regardless, I believe that whomever gets the Democratic nomination will absolutely become the next PRESIDENT of the United States. The guys running on the Republican side are such total (pardon me) BUFFOONS that Sanders or Clinton will pummel “Drumpf” in the general election by a virtual landslide. I anticipate it will be the biggest landslide in a presidential election in our country’s short history.

Wherever you live, whomever you like, just be sure to get out and vote this time around. Because it’s time for a change in the status quo! It’s a political revolution. The times they are a’changin’ and the time is NOW!

Just like Taylor Swift croons, “Shake it off! Shake it Off!”, shake it off and shake it up!

And even though Katy Perry supports Hillary, I love how both Taylor and Katy belt it out!

So make sure you “ROAR” as you get out and vote. Like Katy proclaims, “They hear our roar because you got the eye of the tiger!”

Peace, Live Love, Grace, and Namasgar,